Whether we like it or not, certain experiences which are either exceptional or derived through a deeper understanding CANNOT BE CONVEYED through words.

Many years back I’d concocted a fable to prove that point and how words are poor conveyors of deeper Truths. The following link would lead to that fable of mine.


Now that we as human beings are globally under the threat of the Covid 19 virus; and also aware that the problem is not just confined to some part of the globe but that the problem could tap at our doors has led us to an undesirable and undesired experience of fear and trepidation. We have no certainty of the course of the virus and its impact on us. But hopefully, we are under some deep seated belief that this pestilence would be contained and in due course overcome with prophylactic vaccines.

And after we overcome, in another twenty years, a generation would crop up oblivious to the trepidation this generation had been through and would be raised by every parent sparing their kids from those deep seated fears.

Yet, though I detest to wish a knowledge through an undesirable experience, it is the Will if God which would determine which generation and when they have to be taught that, like a lion cub tough raised as the King of the Forest, there are animals more powerful against which the kings are impotent and avoidance is the only option.

I hope mankind, though endowed with more resources than most other animals, creatures, organisms and viruses would still reckon that it is MODESTY IN THOUGHT & ATTITUDE coupled with compassion which should be integrated into their consciousness as human limits have been severely exposed through covid19.

The world was labouring under a misbelief that if we avoid wars, we could save the world from any calamity of mankind, but it is no more about wars but it is about modesty in thought; austerity in action and preparedness in anticipation of difficult situations which would save mankind.