God appeared to Jehu and asked, “What do you want?”

Jehu replied I want most of the things except for those that I have.

God thought: Is the boy gonna slip an opportunity that came his way?

God said: I know that. That’s the case with every one, I didn’t mean want in the meaning of ‘lack’, but what do you deeply desire.

Jehu, realised from the tone and solemnity of the reply, that he was conversing with the Almighty and hurriedly said, I want to wear the crown of my master Ahab, with the power of my army.

God asked: For how many years?

Jehu replied: Twenty years of health, prosperity, power and strength with the crown on my head.

God said: You are going to regret for this at the end of your twentieth year.

Jehu said: God, pardon my impudence, but had I asked for 50 years also I would have regretted it as a short time asked, since, if you bless me with all the health, and all that I had asked for, I’d have had all that till the end of that period and I would regret for having asked my maker for such few years. So the regret is going to be the same irrespective of the number of years.

God said, Since you had built the foresight to see the end and to perceive those feelings which dawn only upon reaching there, I grant you not just the twenty sought, but thirty years with the crown of Ahab.

It is after that, that God told Elijah to anoint Jehu as the king of Israel.

It is our personal interactions with God, which get openly rewarded as prophecies in our Lives.

He that hath an eye let him read and perceive.