The apple of discord

Is the choice we all

Make in handing over.

Power, Wisdom & Beauty

One of the three

Is to be the choice.

The most visible is Beauty-

Seen & could be relished.

The next visible in its expression

Is Power.

The least visible is Wisdom.

Like Paris, one can blow away

One’s kingdom or even like Menelaus, lose it.

Juno’s gift has high procurement value.

Power can translate.

But the least appealing is

Wisdom, but durable.

Gives Life, longevity,

Experience, loyal friends,

Circes, Sirens’ indelible music,

With a Penelope

Hoping spouse’ safe arrival

At Ithaca, keeping the suitors

At bay with mild flirting

To feed her mind, but

Keep her body chaste;

An Argos to identify &

Get back to ruling his people.

Wisdom aids in vicissitudes

Seldom expected or hoped.

Power and Beauty,

The subsets of Wisdom,

Reside outside oneself

Whereas Wisdom

Is the superhuman chip

Embedded in ones own


Giving Divine capabilities.

One could still misuse

It like Solomon and

Tax his subjects

To finance his expensive Helens

And leave Rehoboams with

Disgruntled populace.

Wisdom, to be wisely used

Is more important than Wisdom Itself.

Such is the case of the other two too.

Yet, Wisdom gives something

Which the other two can’t give:


Humility is the greatest

Disguise against the

Outrageous tides of Time.