For a man raised in the palace of Pharaoh, inculcated in the knowledge of the Times as assessed by the Chaldeans and astrologers of the highest repute, Moses had been tuned to go with the Times and take advantage of it in good times and lie low during the troubled Times. This tuning, based on the knowledge of the cosmic bodies though might be right in assessing the Trends of the flow of the high and low tides of Time, had not equipped Moses with the RESISTANCE to withstand the undesirable effects of Time – both by moderating one’s impulses to overdo in fair Times and RESIST the negative flow during bad Times.

The knowledge of the Chaldeans and Astrology had stunted the realisation by Moses, of the possibility of Resisting the evil; and instead of aligning with the general Trend of the natural forces, exert one’s WILL and lead the course of action, cutting through the unfavourable possibilities emerging during evil Times.

After 40 years in the Palace of Pharaoh, it took another 40 years for Moses to unlearn what he had been taught and thereafter voluntarily learnt from the Chaldeans and astrologers. The realisation was that though he should have perished, a WILL superior to his conscious mind had kept him not only alive but had led him through a path which made him realise that it was not the knowledge and consequent APPEASEMENT of the flow of Times which was essential for Life, but a Will, a Will that represents the God in man. It was that submission to that Will of God in Moses and facing the flow, irrespective of the desirability of the consequences which launched him in the path to the BURNING BUSH.

The Burning Bush was the culmination of the path he had taken by surrender of the knowledge of the Chaldeans and the astrologers. He did not deny the existence of such forces, but he realised that through the submission of his will to that WILL OF LIFE EMBEDDED IN EVERY BEING, he would be able to overcome the severity of the natural forces by a constant guidance provided by that Will of God.

That shedding of that knowledge, though partially true, was NOT the ultimate Truth, which engenders, preserves and sustains Life. The realisation was that the esoteric knowledge of the Chaldeans and the astrologers may keep one up above the rest of the cattle, but by no means would redeem man from the ‘cattlehood’. That knowledge is aptly called by Jonah as LYING VANITIES (Ref:

Moses, when he was ordered to shed his shoes, before he stepped near the Burning Bush, what he left behind was the LYING VANITIES.

He left the knowledge that anything that burned had to turn to ashes; he left behind the knowledge that there needs to be a human being to interact in a language used by humans; and finally Moses realised that there was a God, who would interact personally with humans.