A verse is a verse and not what anyone says that verse means. Each verse is imbued with the spirit, the spirit of the Eternal God, radiating yet unobtrusive and giving an impression of dormancy.

When Life triggers an event in a creature, an event being a tangible situation or a thought or a feeling, that verse’ radiating spirituality is captured by the creature to its own understanding.

That understanding is not conveyable in words or letters. Notwithstanding the inadequacy of words, that moment of capturing is imbedded in our consciousness as a record. Stored and layered as a nacre of a Pearl, adding its own depth and shine of the rainbow to our subconscious mind.

It is that pearl, which is precious. Not because of the value ascribed by the outside world but because of the nourishment it provides to the creature.

Each verse thus stands on its own, yet like a thread, formable into a skein with its neighbouring thread and giving a context in Time. Yet that concept of Time is relatable only within that skein. Those skeins in turn are made into fabric and the Word emerges enveloping the whole creation and also giving a glimpse of itself.

The Verse is the building blocks of the Word, in spirit. Read the Book to understand what I’ve written above. Matchless Word.