Growth with borrowed money on interest is fine as long as the income therefrom is good enough to service the loan. Otherwise a Lot can happen over coffee.

Currency is such a strange thing that the intrinsic nominal value never changes but the purchasing/repaying power is dependant on whether there is cash in the system – as the central banks can suck them out for any reason whatsoever. Secondly, the servicing cost can be increased under the Floating rate concept by the banks in collusion, oops! consultation with the Central Banks and weaken your net earnings.

Eventualities are plenty.

Worse still, the banks and those bankers, who once chased you to sell their “product” and overvalued your property would be replaced, by the same management, with another set of bankers- when the going gets tough- who become recovery agents and devalue the same property.

The only lesson to be learnt from banks is – Take a Loan only when you badly need one and the banker makes you struggle for it.

Easy come, easy go. A Lot can happen over coffee‼️

How fragile is Life! Siddarth, you deserved a better end. You competed with the Baristas and Star Bucks and held on your own and gave us world class coffee at reasonable rates in a clean and good ambience.

God bless the soul of Siddarth of Cafe Coffeeday 💐