She is called Missy,

Mixed in breed

& bred in clandestine ways.

Her master had embellished her with brass buckled collar.

Neat & respectable.

He walks Missy

Morning & evening-

Without fail.

In the nights she’s let loose.

Till midnight she guards her home.

By an hour to midnight she

Winds down her duties.

At the stroke of midnight

Missy lifts with her snout

The unhinged slat of the ledge.

Missy makes her way out

When her master is fast asleep.

She joins the pyes,

Which self arrogatedly guard the street.

I can see her from my balcony in 7th floor.

Missy has admirers galore

But the biggest and the meanest pyedog guards her.

Missy has a collar,

The one that distinguishes her from the pyedogs.

She has a owner.

She is cared for.

Other dogs envy her.

They see Missy

Walk like a bride in the morning & evening.

But Missy spares no fun that the pyedogs have.

Yet Missy’s collar

Gives respectability & envy.

There is none like Missy

In our street.

Cared for, yet with Liberty

On the sly.

All because she has a brass buckled collar.