A Footman with a horse doesn’t become a Cavalryman!

Skills, my friend, skills, is what matters. Aspiration with good fortune can fetch a horse but riding skills is not only a question of opportunity, but acquiring skills through practice.
After acquisition of riding skills, where it is applied determines the person’s contribution to himself and/or the society.
One could become a show jumper, a lion tamer on a horse in a circus, or a warrior. Opportunities could be created like King David of Israel, where he marketed to Saul, his skills as a slinger when his father assigned him the job of being a Swiggy boy to his brothers and Abner.
Or because of adverse Times be in the jail, like the Joseph of Genesis, and learn bookkeeping, store management, reporting, prioritising the institutional requirements; and thereafter, when Joseph met the cupbearer identified that he would be released and restored to his position with the Pharaoh, requested him to remember him of his innocence and obtain for Joseph release by putting in a good word.
Circumstances are different, but application without skills might get relief, but not RECOGNITION. Joseph could have been released, but to be out in charge of Egypt required skills.
Astride a horse never made one a cavalryman.
Get the skills & market it. Time will redeem the persistent.