I watched and wondered how Belgium was able to thwart left flank forward Neymar from even having a view of the goal – post to post- of the Belgium side.

From the attacker’s view from the front, the Belgian backs and the other midfielders on defence line up in a position not in a single line horizontally or even diagonally. Except the extreme end defenders, each defender was placed randomly blocking the view of the Belgian goal. Thereby in split second the Brazil forward is unable to see the chinks between the defenders.

If you had observed the shots were either the corner ends of the post or the crossbar of the goal post. They were palmed off for a corner.

When one sees bats fly, they never fly in a symmetrical formation, reason being that they go not by sight or by echolocation, therefore they do not form a phalanx. Each bat is on its own and has to fly finding a path for itself it doesn’t ‘follow’ another bat – unless the reason is a fight or mate!

The Brazil forwards are used to the lined up defence, which is for offside trap, when they saw this random formation they had to either try below the crossbar or incurving ball, where they couldn’t make it.

It must be interesting to watch the semifinals of Belgium match against France, I suppose.

But Brazil’s playmaking was poetry. It is a pity that they were pitted against the next best in the quarterfinals itself, denying them of a podium finish.

To understand I have pictorially done a bat formation for my own hypothesis, maybe I am wrong, but worth reducing it to a written thought.