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The Clever Husband!

So there is this couple known to me who go on city drives, long ones, on holidays and weekends, just to get the feel of the city of Chennai. These drives are mostly with the husband at the wheel.
The wife, uses these drives for clarifications of facts long held in abeyance with anxiety; seeking new eat outs; watching families on scooters and bikes and feeling good for the institution of marriage; delivering lectures on strategy as to how the husband could have been one up on the servants by adopting her post-mortem brainwaves; and picking  holes in his facts.
The husband had not only to concentrate on the slow but surely moving (unlike Bangalore) traffic besides listening to her talk, but had to also carefully follow her chatter. A promptly unrebutted nod to her statements are likely to be called into question as a wilful act of defiance of her ‘suggestion’.
After a few weeks of such drives, the husband said: see, we get to see a lot of Swiggy delivery boys and when I sight one, I will call out 1. When you sight the second one you call out 2 and at the end of the journey if the total sightings are odd, then you pay me Rs. 100; if at the journey’s end the total sightings are even, I pay you.
Thus started the game.
Now the husband confides that his wife is busy not only looking out for those orange T shirts with Swiggy, but even enthusiastically calls out. The wife has become more participative and has given up on thinking up, out of her false memory, to pull out petulant infractions.
He said: I was surprised when she noticed a Swiggy boy in the odd sequence and she kept quiet. When quizzed she is supposed to have said: “The law doesn’t come to the aid of those who sleep over their Rights. It is your responsibility to call out the odd numbers in the sequence, if you sight one, why should I assist you?”
A great principle which Eve used to great effect. Adam had the Right of Liberty to refuse eating the forbidden fruit, but he like a lamb to the slaughter took it and ate it, thereby not enforcing his Liberty not to eat even though offered.
Now the wife is not only busy in sighting those Swiggy boys, but delays that pittance she owes, when she loses; but maha prompt when it comes to collecting her dues.
The husband said: small participative skirmishes are good alternatives to those long rancorous silences.
Long live these impromptu games. God knows how long these games would last. Maybe, he has to up the stakes when he loses and keep it low when she does😂

Boccaccio & the Bible story of Judah

Boccaccio’s Gillette of Narbonne is just like the story of Judah and Tamar from the Old Testament. Boccaccio’s story redeems itself by leaving out the death of the earlier husbands Er and Onan of Tamar; Judah not honouring the tradition of giving the younger brother of her deceased husband Shelah to Tamar; and Tamar playing the harlot with Judah.

The ring stays without the bracelet & staff as a symbol to redeem Gillette from the accusation of having had carnal relationship with someone other than Bertram, the Count. The setting is also regal.
No wonder Shakespeare chose him as one of his sources! Story is short, but multiple perspectives – well integrated with parenthetical clauses-  describing each perspective simultaneously and sensitively‼️

I wonder what Gillette and Bertram would have named their twin boys, surely Boccaccio would not have recommended Pharez & Zarah as the names – that would have been a dead giveaway 😊

Share a bathroom.

They shared the same bathroom, but his cup holder in the washroom was red with a colgate tooth paste tube sticking its head out of a neatly rolled up crimp.
In her’s was a blue Binaca toothbrush, basically bought by her for those little plastic dolls kept to lure the children. Beside that brush was a Pepsodent toothpaste all squeezed randomly that one can’t make out if she was squeezing in the middle to make the crimp end of the tube bulge up instead of the mouth-end.
Their marriage boiled down to their preferences shown in squeezing the bottom or the middle!
They parted ways and now they share the same bathroom but have separate toothpastes, a choice not based on aesthetic or health reasons, but their inability to conciliate. But it has its benefits, when she kissed him she could sniff a hint of his Colgate and he could the Pepsodent. They are beneficiaries of a benevolent Nature. They stay together but they live single.
Oh, how beautiful‼️

Imperiousness of Shakespeare!

While others had striven to make a reader/ listener to understand an imagery or a metaphor, Shakespeare is unconcerned. He’d said it and they like arrows shoot on all directions from his bow, grasp if you can. But while you are still grasping many, arrows streamingly dart out. Shakespeare isn’t trying to hold a mirror to a reader’s ignorance, if you miss the images and metaphors, you still have the plot to feel gratified. But grasping the aptness of his images and metaphors elevate your associative awareness – an introduction to the past; sewing it up with the present and predicting the probabilities of the future. Alabaster is itself premium, but monumental alabaster is the unmatched homage to the memory of that Imperial past. Lilies do fester, but who could have related it to the smell of the weeds and redeemed those weeds? None besides Shakespeare!

Prometheus & Man kinda:

The interpretations of Prometheus herein is based on the THEOGONY of Hesiod.
Prometheus was on the winning side of the war among the Greek gods.
But Prometheus did two deeds, which infuriated Zeus, the Chief of the Gods, on whose side Prometheus had once played the games of the gods.

The problem about interpreting the later falling out or rebellion or testing Zeus, by Prometheus has bred many literary, art & cinema based interpretations.
For me Prometheus, like any follower of a victorious man assumes that once the victory is won, EVERYTHING should be made possible for the followers, forgetting that the followers has added volume to the cause and not necessarily the right inputs which led to the victory.
The crowd which had followed either would have had no opinion at all or even if they had one, not a very balanced one. The leader provides the greatest inputs: balance & prioritising the action plan, which in the Altar of Time gets sanctified as Victory!
Prometheus turns a rebel creates man and restores fire against the WILL of Zeus!
Zeus, whom I tremendously admire, keeps his once vanquished foes in Tartarus, alive and kicking but severely constrained through rationing and sequestered from external interaction. Zeus knew fully well that if an external enemy is eliminated, sure enough even for gods, inimical forces would sprout from within!
Hiranya Kasiphu had to counter Prahlad his own son. Likewise, Kamsa had to decimate his own nephew. The principle of UNIPOLARITY OF UNCHALLENGED EXISTENCE is denied even to the Greek gods! A great piece of wisdom.
Prometheus, is thus the voice of modesty of the victorious wilful SELF.
But, it has its own pangs. The pangs of INGRATITUDE which visitS every night to peck at the liver of Prometheus! The liver is restored each morning but the eagle visits every night and inflicts the excruciating pain of being pecked at by the eagle. In Sisyphus, it was a repeated FUTILE TASK, which was only an exercise in futility in its unadulterated form, but Prometheus’ punishment was crying for mere relief every night and probably the days spent in anxiety over the impending nights!
Yet, the spirit of Prometheus to debunk Zeus wouldn’t subside!
Prometheus restored fire to mankind, but that led to Pandora and her box of gifts! The bigger evil came visiting MANkind!

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