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Confidence in Action!

The bird that perches on a branch without a doubt of falling has the subconscious succour of its wings; but the monkey that clutches a branch and swings to catch another leaving the first branch, has the knowledge of the strength of the prospective branch and confidence in its reach and grasp. The underlying difficulties have to be overcome with other capabilities, no point in analysing the difficulty and getting stuck. Resource is what we use of what we have/get and the way we use it to move ahead. Imperfect steps sustained, leads to strides, but seeking for perfection before taking the first step, preserves our fear of imperfections, breeds judgementalism and delays our progress.
The wings for a bird, but strength of the knowledge of the prospective branch is the monkey’s wing to confidence.
Move and keep moving ahead. Make use of everything on the way. That Liberty is God given and only we can get stuck thru diagnosis of the problem.
Think, dream of what you want to become or what you want to achieve and keep Doing.

Zeus & his thunderbolt!

With people becoming secure in their own homes, Zeus still held sway on the memory of the fear of the thunderbolt.
But with Benjamin Franklin’s invention of the lightning conductor, even the residual power of Zeus vanished.
Zeus is ossified for poetic metaphors and secured in literary museum.
What a fall for a God who depended on Destructive Power.
The day mankind discovers a way to harness the power of lightning, Zeus would be restored in the Pantheon!
Destructive capability is NOT POWER, it is merely a capability that breeds Compliance out of Fear and vanishes once its firepower is earthed safely!

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