Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

When I did not know the difference between Belief & Truth, I was believing as truthful all those things which I believed in. My belief validated Truth. What is my Belief made of? Impressions, certainty of cause and effect and occasional run ins with Scientific Facts. All an amalgam of hope/ despair inspiring Impressions; results of action/inaction; and trust in chemistry/maths induced Beliefs. The only substantive of the three above are Chemistry and Maths.
Chemistry defines the material therefore properties and the results of the interaction between different materials. But to prove that you need a system and that tool is maths – which is built on the predictability of a constant result irrespective of the mode of counting numbers. This being the provable, those who insist on scientific beliefs rely on the provability and deny the Truthfulness of anything that doesn’t provide proof little realising that the tools of Chemistry and Maths are limited to chemically composed material. Now that there are new compounds being concocted out of the elements and compounds, since there are possibilities which have not YET been invented, they cannot deny Beliefs as untruthful those which do not stand the scrutiny of their own yardstick which is expanding triggered by inventions of new materials – which have not been tested thru interactions with other material and proving the same through Maths. They cannot deny an Assertion which has not been proved wrong by their own yardstick- at best they can assert that they have either not tested it or that the results of their tests have NOT denied such a possibility.
That being the case, when all religions are based on ASSERTIONS, the margin for Liberty of Religion is huge and only a negative proof would suffice.
Does it mean that all and sundry ASSERTIONS are to be suffered till proven wrong through some scientific method? The answer is that When the society has granted the Liberty of Belief, the society by implication has granted a reciprocal Liberty to Hope, which turns into purveying of seductive future skimming off your present labour/ time.
Awareness is the only test of that Hope.
Anyone who believes that Beliefs may be true or not, but I want that belief to be true. When you run to catch it, it is a reality for you notwithstanding the fact that the reality may be a mirage, but to insist on that to be a Universal Truth as an assertion is being Cussed!
Awareness lets one live this Life, DOING things which would aid his Happiness, Health and Growth, without asserting on the wrongness of a thing without a proof of falseness to that Assertion!
Liberty to remain a fool is allowed but NOT TO BECOME a fool at will.

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