Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


It is the process of disenfranchising the common man of his Right of Choice, in favour of a Politician and vesting him with an irrevocable Right of Choice on your behalf for a fixed period -excepting for reasons occasioned by institutional crisis- and which when exercised is mostly for personal gains, which metamorphoses into Greed.
Personal Gains is the mother of Greed. Personal Gains starts with the thought: WHAT IS THERE FOR ME IN A PROJECT FOR WHICH TAX MONEY (public money) IS SPENT OSTENSIBLY FOR PUBLIC GOOD. Thereafter, as the appetite grows on what it feeds on, Projects are promoted which fetch inordinate profits for those Representatives of common man’s Delegate. 
The above is the worst end of the spectrum of Democracy. Thus Greed is engendered by Personal Gains and the Public becomes the pretext for such gains. 
When the old methods of taking gratification for public projects slims out, new methods are brought in revamping the old system. But this delegated responsibility of framing public policy and public spending always leads to corruption. 
The best method to sustain a corruptionless Democracy is to have a method of expressing online opinion of informed denizens on policy matters and a sound technical force to execute projects in an efficient and uncompromised way. 
Would it ever happen on India. I believe it would, maybe in another 20 years. 

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