Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The best way to obtain Grace is to educate oneself. Moses was fully trained by the Pharaoh’s homeschool for the Royal kids. They, Moses included, would have received the best education. 
In the power struggle with Ramses II, Moses was externed, 
Before him was Joseph, he chose to get himself educated in every circumstances- in Potiphar’s hose he became an accountant, a Manager, and a logistics man but Potiphar’s wife wanted to give Joseph an additional burden of being a night watchman in the place of Potiphar! The first jump is always false, and he escaped that snare. In the prison Joseph becomes the storekeeper and doubles up predicting the futures of the co-prisoners, in leisure. So the skills Joseph had acquired through experience takes him to be a candidate for the Governorship of Egypt. The primary exposure to education and knowledge and transcription of their language into a script took place in those 480 years of sojourn at Egypt. Miracles without process are episodic, but there are miracles which happen coupled with human effort could become Institutionalised. The Ten Commandments was written by God, but the second block of the Commandments was written by Moses, a man well versed in all Egyptian learning. When Jesus made clay of his spittle and told the blind man to wash in the pool of Siloam, if the blind man hadn’t made that effort, would the miracle have happened? 
If the woman with the issue of blood had not dared to touch the hem of the garment of Jesus, would she have been healed? 
If Joseph had not honed his skills in book keeping and strategising on apportioning the provisions when he was at Potiphar’s house or in the jailhouse, would he have had the skill set to run a country like Egypt? 
If Moses had not been educated enough to understand the wiles of the Pharaoh in keeping a large group of Hebrews as slaves, would he have liberated them from the Pharaoh? 
Had David not built his skills as a slinger, while discharging his assigned duties as a shepherd, would he have struck Goliath in his temple, on a situation fraught with slavery for the community, if one man failed? 
If Paul had not been trained under Gamaliel, against Christianity, would he have had the mental wherewithal to counter the sophistry and rhetoric of the Greeks and the logic of Romans?
The examples I had cited are where human effort with hope fructified, but in Jeremiah’s case, God touched his mouth and thereby put His words in Jeremiah’s mouth. In this case, God’s role seems absolute. 
God’s angel calls Gideon ‘mighty man of valour’ when Gideon was threshing wheat, away from the eyes of the Midianites. That’s again sanctification if human effort. 
David composed lyrics which shows his ability to blend understanding with spirituality in an artistic way. 
The above examples proves that God loves the educated, the skilled and those who put on an effort with whatever they have. Christianity, besides Jesus, is built on the Pentateuch, putatively written by Moses; the Psalms, mostly by David and the doctrine/ rules written by Paul. Education formed the basis of all these pillars. 
God opens Himself to those who strive for Understanding, of the spiritual kind and their writings have stood the test of Time and inspired generations and continue to inspire and lead many in the centuries to come. 
Consequently, Movid believes that Grace is not a word to sweep the conflicts and contradictions of human understanding and make it an unintelligible Idea, but made up of God’s love for human effort with sincerity. 
Least of all Grace should NOT BE USED to substitute human understanding. God is good and wants man to strive sincerely in a path which brings good to all. What He would do, give, withhold or inflict shouldn’t be of human concern, it is man’s duty to strive with sincerity. 

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