Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

Besides zeitgeist, there is a certain pervading spirit of the terrain, which sprouts and supports certain traits in human beings. A flamboyant Napoleon who could sway the crowds and the ragtag militia, the spillover vain men of the French Revolution, into a military command was possible in France, but the same French terrain couldn’t have supported Otto Von Bismarck, as French terrain would support brilliance and flashiness at the cost of fundamental structuralism. Yet the opposite terrains need to be next to each other to bring equilibrium to the terrain. 
Likewise Jallikattu is terrain specific to Tamil Nadu. It needs a reason and the reasons are not merely functional, it is the recognition of the Bull’s/ ox’ contribution to the society. It is not merely a means of transport of Lord Shiva, it is the symbol of effort and masculinity coupled with unleashing of stored prowess. Bull is amenable to breeding and it is not merely a showpiece like the over muscular Belgian bulls, but loyal to the family which raises it through self control of its aggressive power, but when attempted to be controlled by outsiders capable of shrugging off its attempted Tamers and in the worst case scenario capable of goring and ploughing through a mountain of men. That trait is what endears the owners to raise and hone their capabilities. In olden times when the physical prowess determined the skills of man, taming such a bull aided the tamer to get the hand of the daughter of the bull owner! A surrogacy to blatant submission! Why give your daughter to the man who squelched your pride? A plated surrender deed signed by the loser in a platinum nibbed pen. Contrast this with its neighbouring state Kerala, which has decimated their bulls through a Legislation during the CMship of Shri. Pattom Thanu Pillay! The cows which have enjoyed the mount of a tumescent bull during their lives may not be more than 5 %. Reason being that they strawed their heifers and cows into accepting artificial insemination instead of consort with a bull. The bleating mooing of a cow in heat makes you run to get the nearest bull. Once done, the receptivity being so high, the cow conceives in a single jump. Cow is the only animal which copulates only for posterity’s sake, never ever as a recreation or demonstration of an idea! Such a cow should give a higher milk yield, so the Fresiens, Jerseys spermed their way into Kerala. TN prides in its bulls, whereas Kerala celebrates the yield of the cow, truly matrilineal. 

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