Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

It is one of the myths propagated by false Prophets and bogus Apostles of Christianity that God gives unmerited favours according to His Will, irrespective of man’s efforts.
Christianity was not built on meekly submitting and succumbing to the martyrdom inflicting Evil, it was built on the Life and teachings of Jesus, who lived a life of purity; said what He heard from His Father in heaven & DID THE WILL OF HIS FATHER. 
To know and to DO are the twin points of Christianity. To know is easy, to Do that which is Right is Tough, but to Know and Do that which is Right is nigh impossible. Herein comes the Principle of Uncertainty. The more accurately one Knows the Truth, the less a man Does that which is True. The reason is that Knowledge numbs activity beyond a point. 
Christians have become inert and believe that idle goodness is what God loves. My father, who had slipped into Pentecostal doctrine through inadvertence but kept tethered by the false guilt inspiring interpretations of the Bible once told me: It is better to sleep in the church than to be in a cinema or a tavern! Therein begins the IDLE GOODNESS. 
Opportunities do not come announcing, they steal upon us. The aware and the aspiring ones take initiative and explore, sometimes it works but mostly those don’t work. To give up is abominable, as every effort raises a man’s hope to more activity. Do something – God loves it. 
In the Acts of the Apostles, where Dr. Luke stealthily, out of weakness for Paul & Saul of Tarsus smuggled Paul into a disguised Apostleship in the book, at chapter 12 talks of how Peter was saved from the chains and the prison. 
But look at the shrewdness of Peter, he did not present himself as a sitting duck for the bloodthirstiness of Herod, the Tetrarch of Judea, but ran off to Caesarea! 
Well, human mind might be apt to question: When God saved a man from the prison and chains, why should Peter evade or fear a temporal authority and not stay in Judea? Good question – Herod ain’t gonna answer that one. Herod had executed James the brother of John a little earlier, so why would he spare Peter if, not sparing Peter would please the Formalism of the Synagogue going Jews?
We make principles and start believing in those principles, little knowing that there are exceptions to those principles. I am reminded of two boys who caught sight of a barking dog at a distance. The smart Alec said: BARKING DOGS SELDOM BITE. But as they approached the object of their trepidation, the smart Alec took to his heels, so did the other boy. Later when they met, the other boy asked the Smart Alec: But why did you run, as that dog was merely a barking dog? The smart Alec replied: But that dog doesn’t know that barking dogs shouldn’t bite! 
We make principles and start believing in those principles and later become victims when the same principle starts showing deviance or exceptions. But Peter knew that Herod, who was believed to have murdered his own brother, wouldn’t spare him if Peter’s martyrdom would result in political gains for Herod. At the end of it, a Satrap wants to keep the local populace happy to make them more productive so that taxes could be appropriated and sent to Caesar, at whose pleasure Herod was the Tetrarch! Amen. 
So Peter’s effort of running away despite having been relieved from the chains by angels by not presenting himself to be victimised by a bloodthirsty fellow like Herod, is what God wanted. A personal initiative. A caged bird, when let loose OUGHT TO FLY. 
God loves Effort! 
False prophets do not impel people to put more effort and care, in their worldly affairs, yet smugly live off the labour and tithes of the same adherents, who eke out an honest living through Effort! 
Jesus says again and again DO DO DO! Yet false Apostles with their brand of Communism tinged Pentecostalism have perfected the art of downgrading the effort of the laymen so that the fruits of the labour of laymen could be appropriated with consummate ease, in the name of God.
Remember that God wants even the person with one talent to go and strive and succeed! God doesn’t want him to bury that talent and return it safely. 
Peter was sharp! 
But that sharpness showed itself as an effort and God sanctified his effort. 

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