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The happenings in Thamizh Nadu are in the cusp of Formalism and Evolution.Formalism is that the Governor has to call the person who enjoys the support of the majority MLAs of the state legislature and swear him/her in as the Chief Minister of a state. Mrs. Sasikala has a list of MLAs which consists of 135 MLAs who had pledged support to her as the Legislature party leader of the single largest party of the Assembly. The effective strength of the legislature is 233 and the midway being 116.5, Mrs. Sasikala has the support of 135 MLAs, as per letters of support dated 05/02/2017, thereby there appears to be no doubt about her having enjoyed the majority of the MLAs as on 05/02/2017. But the Governor has to consider if the letters of support has become STALE and NON REFLECTIVE OF THE EVOLVING SITUATION POST DHYAN OF OPS IN THE MARINA. 

The Governor is to consider if the person he’d swear in has the majority and thereafter tell him/ her to get the CONFIDENCE VOTE in the Assembly, so that the person chosen by him doesn’t take over the Administrative machinery of the state and legitimise it through strong arm tactics and prove his/her majority. 

Further, it is common knowledge that the May 2016 poll victory was for Dr. Jayalalitha and none besides.

 So the MLAs, being the representatives of that will of the people and the only remnant beneficiaries of that will, post demise of Dr. Jayalalitha , should be guided by the good sense of their conscience and support a new leader. Are their CONSCIENCE UNENCUMBERED? I guess not. Having been quarantined in Koovathur Golden Bay Resorts, their free will appears to be cumbered and fettered, casting legitimate doubts if the MLAs are truly Free! The Governor ought to feel that the letters of support have become stale and majority MLAs are not FREE, as on date. Therefore their letters of support are suspect. 

Under the above mentioned Formalism lies the magma of the new emerging force of OPS, which is accreting MLAs and MPs by the day. The MLAs in Koovathur neither know the happenings, having been cut off from the electronic media and social media. Democracy is all about catering to the legitimate will of the people, however capricious it may be. Stability is important for administration, however during turbulent Times, to expect quick stability would be a wrong expectation. 

Over and above all this is the fact that the KA Govt had appealed against the acquittal of Late Dr. Jays and Mrs. Sasikala and others by the High Court. The Supreme Court has already stated that the matter has been heard and reserved for orders and just a week back a sitting Justice of the Supreme Court has stated that the verdict would be delivered in a week’s time. If the Supreme Court were to overturn the KA High Court verdict, the surviving Accused run the risk of being taken to Jail, unless there is a suspended sentence. Mrs. Sasikala being one of the defendants in that case, would it be appropriate for the Governor to swear in an ex- factotum as the CM of the state, when even the mandate was only for Dr. Jaya and none besides? 

I guess not. This calibrated response of the Governor is laudable and praiseworthy as he has not rushed into sanctify a stale Formalism at the cost of an Evolving reality. 

Vaazhga Thamizh. Valarga Thamizh Nadu.

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