Dipankar Gupta’s article titled TORTURE THROUGH THE AGES in TOI dt. 28/01/2017

Dipankar means ‘bringer of the lamp’ figuratively meaning one who throws light on something. Unfortunately the article is a compendium of false assertions, bigoted opinions and divorced from the cultural sensibilities of the Thamizh Culture.  
Being a Sociologist, he should have been aware of the fact that each state of the Union has a distinct culture blurring on the edges with a smattering of a combination of the cultures with which there is social, economic and physical intercourse! Thamizh has its own culinary, sartorial, musical, linguistic & literary besides the ‘attitude’ and ‘aspiration’ which it unappolegitically glorifies. He has failed to understand that distinctness inherent to Thamizh culture. Just because he would never be considered a part of the Thamizh culture, even if he were to be a part of a Thamizh based institution, to entertain resentment and deny the validity of the cultural expressions of the Thamizh culture on the grounds of ‘ torture & cruelty’ to animals, which is an omnibus amorphous definition under Chapter III of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, appears cussed. It is just like a Thamizhan who hates Bhangra of a Punjabi or the Rabindra Sangeet of a Bengali or the Dandia of a Gujarati or the Onam of a Keralite! 

I have to first recognise that my culture is DIFFERENT from those cultural expressions and see if it were to cause any damage to my sensibilities. I don’t play Holi, because I feel it violates the integrity of a person. The last bastion of my self is my body, when some unknown person in his exuberance of celebrating a festival which I cannot be a part of and don’t want to be a part of, inflicts himself and discolours me with his colours, I am unable to see it as an essential part of his celebratory process! That is because as Dr. Johnson is supposed to have said: Your Liberty ends, where my nose begins! The unknown person should either take my consent or refrain from making me a part of his process of celebration, as the Constitutional Right not only grants me to live unmolested without any colours but also casts a Duty on my neighbour to refrain from inflicting his cultural trappings on my body and thus violate my integrity. Period. There is no cultural avalanche for Holi, having a greater right as most Indians celebrate this festival THEREFORE all human beings in India SHALL SUBJECT WITHOUT DEMUR to such violation! It is to be respected and I as a Thamizhan SHOULD avoid a place where such practices are full blown on a Holi day, but to make a neat paradigm of prescriptive cultural behaviour and preach the rest of the country the dangers of throwing unwholesome powders and smearing oneself or others with paints and consequently enacting laws would be nothing but an expression of using the legislative might than what is sensible and right. 

In fact when I see a Bihari like Dipankar Gupta having an opinion on Jallikattu and equating it with fox-hunting and Bullfights of Spain, is similar to an uninvited person giving an opinion on the taste of Biryani which he never tasted! 
Lay off, dear friends, Lay off! 
The law is in an Occupied Field (enacted by the Parliament) from the Concurrent List. The State’s opinion stands diluted in a Union Legislation, however of the legislation relates to List II of the 7th Schedule, exceptions could be carved out. 

In fact at Section 28 of the PCA ACT, there is an exception to the cruelty to animals on Religious grounds. 
Therefore, exception to be carved out on Cultural grounds would be available to the State legislature, as the Union Legislation is from the Concurrent List, which is what Tamil Nadu Legislature has done. I also see no reason, why this Tamil Nadu Legislation should not be placed in the IX Schedule, like the 69% reservation Act placed by the Parliament. In fact the issue on cultural grounds should NOT BE OF ANY CONCERN BY ANYONE EXCEPT A THAMIZHAN. 
Coming to the grounds of CRUELTY and comparing the same with fox-hunting or bullfighting in Spain, is naive. First and foremost, the animal is NOT KILLED. Secondly, in the case of the bull, the bull is meant to be killed finally to be consumed and it is the way that the sport is structured by tradition, of a man or woman wielding a knife or a spear or whatever sharp implement which offends and OUGHT TO OFFEND ANY CIVILISED MAN’S SENSIBILITIES. The bull is ranged not only against the matador or a toreador but with immense support of menials who distract the bull in the event of the bull having an upper hand. The bull is DOOMED. Thirdly, it is prolonged to such an extent that different persons serially and collectively plunge their knives and spears into the bull. Finally it is gory and bloodthirsty. 

As regards FOX HUNTING, there are hounds involved, which track down the foxes and the heads and tails are taken as trophies but the lifeless torsos are left for the hounds. It might have been effective as a pest control mechanism, but it provided an upper class of ritualistic fox hunting and became an aspirational sport are the inherent bloodthirsty elements to that sport. Herman Goering brought in a law banning fox hunting , even though he was ably aiding the Fuehrer in extermination of a breed of human vermin(he thought) without any compunction! 

Jallikattu is a sport, which is neither bloodthirsty nor is it a sport of an orphan animal. In the bullfights of Spain, cruelty is writ large on the manner and methods of the sport. In fox hunting, it became a ritual in bloodthirstiness, but in Jallikattu the Bulls have owners and it is not the catchers or hump- huggers of those bulls who cause annoyance and cruelty as much as the owners themselves, on the mistaken notion that if the bull went ‘uncaught’ he would be called the owner of an untameable bull. This can be and SHOULD BE REGULATED BY LAW. 

The bull is taken care of by the bull owners and they do earn through the stud services offered by those bulls after they are retired from Jallikattu. The excesses carried out and showcased by PETA, AWBI, HSI and PFA are nothing but sporadic instances which have been indulged in by some overenthusiastic persons. I have seen college boys taking a handful of coloured powder and smearing it on women’s cleavages and hips on slow moving buses, in public on Holi day, should one ban this because of such sporadic excesses? NAY. They need to be streamlined. 

Finally, Mr. Dipankar Gupta asks rhetorically: NOBODY WOULD LIKE TO TAKE ON TIGERS OR GRIZLY BEARS AND THEN CALL IT CULTURE! What piece of wisdom my friends! Compassion and perspicacity shall die with Dipankar Gupta! In Jallikattu is anyone killing? or using a knife or spear? Is the bull owner complaining? Are the bulls killed for eating, at the end of the sport? 

Nay, nay, nay! 

Jallikattu is celebrated only during PONGAL, the harvest season and not a sport to gladden the hearts of the bloodthirsty spectator. 

As a rounding off, may be with India in the threshold of Superpowerdom, Dipankar feels that the cultural epicentre of India should not shift to the land of Bharatanatyam, Carnatic music, Thamizh movies, Jerusalem of Tennis, Chettinad cuisine and a people who could agitate without violence along with their wives and children in the Marina. 

Sorry Sociologist, you can’t set the agenda for a Thamizhan, he is way too hoary to fall within your grasp😎

Jallikattu – A cultural conflict!

A democratic setting involves Liberal expression and propagation of ideas and information, however offensive, it may be to the other group. Recently I had been led to reading some of the twitter comments made by Ram Gopal Verma regarding the Jallikattu issue in Tamil Nadu. RGV is a flotsam from Vijayawada of Andhra and his claim to fame is ascribable to making terrorist & gangster based movies, and his dalliances with the actresses who hang on to his coattails for the crumbs of the roles he offers for those seductive moll roles in those movies! 
One of the most coincidental things which he shares with Sasikala, GS of the AIADMK is that both had been ex-vcd shop owners, one on Ameerpet and the other in Chennai! Their careers were launched from renting video cassettes. 

Some of the tweets RGV had made in the social media are: 

One could see from these tweets his rancour towards the Tamil culture more than his concern or his reparative suggestions to improve the lot of the Jallikattu bulls. 

The poor fellow is not concerned with the roosters which are made to die in pits getting mutilated after a prolonged and exhausting fights with the other rooster. Besides the gory fights, there is heavy betting on the cocks, almost during the Makar Sankranti in Andhra. 

Andhra Pradesh, post partition from Telangana, had lost its political clout of 42 MPs in the parliament, which it enjoyed prior to the bifurcation. 

Andhra has been motivated by garnering the resources of the state for its own people at the cost of the Telangana people – such was the general discourse during those days of bifurcation. Andhra is yet to recover from the shock of the bifurcation and the strident position taken by TRS. 

The CM of Andhra inaugurates cockfights, in derogation of the laws made under the laws of cruelty to animals and birds. Such is their culture, less compliant and ensure less detection thereby hangs a tale of their respect of laws of the land. 

A cretin who is bred in that culture has the gall to talk about letting loose a 1000 bulls on the protestors, built on an analogy that a hundred men chase and scramble to cling to the hump of the Jallikattu bulls and thereby are cruel! 

His concern appears so deep rooted that he could put the kafkaesque embeetled fears in Metamorphosis to shame! It is not the concern for the bulls which is the basis of his blather, but the inadequacy of the cultural lot from which he hails! A culture that follows anything that attaches itself to money is an inadequate culture: run after IIT, run after infrastructure building; run after a God who holds money; run after three harvests; run after building cities of other cultures and do nothing to your own home. In the process you do nothing lasting, it is merely a competition for keeping up with the joneses and never an achievement of any lasting worth. 

This fellow had milked all the soup out of the gangster/ terrorist themes, which has run dry and is showing sympathy to the bulls of Tamil Nadu disguising his hatred for the Thamizh people and their unity . 

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” (Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene III, L. 140-141). Your Ongole breeds are kept only for a limited purpose and you have not strengthened that breed for ‘honour’. Sometimes in life one should do things for honour and not merely for money. It is interesting to note that the CM of Andhra had announced that Rs. 100 crore would be given to anyone from the state winning a Nobel Prize! It is that culture which puts it at loggerheads with the Thamizh culture. 

The culture of a state resides in the villages which still thrive on the hoary history and the hearsay exploits of the ancient heroes. The cities and towns sift the rock edicts, excavated material, literature and other palpable and provable material to show the culture, but such culture don’t reside in towns and cities. To talk ill of those histories of villages is not the habit of Thamizhans!
To expect a scavenger of gangster themes for replenishing his cine repertoire, to understand the Thamizh culture is too much and way beyond his mental means. 

I’ve always been appreciative of the Andhra entrepreneurship, but some black sheep like RGV by propagating such skewed and bigoted opinions bring a bad name to the whole lot. 

Thamizh people have outdone the rest of the country on three counts: firstly, by organising themselves through an evolutionary process of aggregation of the young, befuddling the state police perceptions of a transient vocalisation of an evanescent cause. Secondly, they have not fallen for palliatives and have stood and are standing for a permanent solution knowing fully well that the state Govt wouldn’t be sleeping the next time and would nip their attempts to coagulate into a fierce force like this time. 

Thirdly, the youth have not provided the courts or the police and the administration to use force to disperse them and have also ensured that it is happening in most of the places in TN. 

A word of appreciation for those expatriates who have lent their voice to the cause is due. 

There has been a general perception that TN was merely one of the 29 states, that is over. If the youth could threaten MNC cola companies and NGOs on health grounds and cultural grounds, a new day has dawned in the history of India. If Bengal thought yesterday what you said today, Thamizh Nadu is doing Today what the rest of India would follow in future. 

Cultural conflicts between states are inevitable, so let us stick to our own cultural aspirations and stop talking about other cultural facts or aspirations like the Moron RGV has tweeted!  

An Ordinance to avoid a Legislation on Jallikattu:

Now that the Governor had signed the Ordinance for the conduct of Jallikattu, it appears like a Pyrrhic victory for the students who had invested their time, energy and meagre resources in aggregating near the Marina Beach. The reasons are three fold: 1. It is not only a temporary solution as this Ordinance is valid only for six months, but also a dependant Ordinance in the sense that the next extension also would have to be reserved for the consideration of the President, as this is an amendment to a legislation enacted by the Union Government from the Concurrent List(List 3 of the VII Schedule of the Constitution) and hence an amendment would be from an OCCUPIED FIELD and it could be considered trenching, on an area already occupied, by the future Government and dependent on their mood and sense of accommodation at that point of time. 

2. The second reason is that the Ordinance is open to challenge by the PETA, PFA, HSI and AWBI. Therefore the people of TN would have to live with the memories of Jallikattu to be held tomorrow, without the assurance that it would be conducted in future! 

3. This Ordinance could be a tactic of the politicians who have been upended by the students and there is no guarantee that the students would be able to take over the Marina in future to create a similar impact, if they let go of this opportunity this time. 
In sum, it appears that the TN Government, if it is serious, should use Entry no. 58 of the State List of the VII Schedule and tax Jallikattu bulls and make a legislation to recognise the breeds, bulls of those breeds to be licensed, provide a reason for Occupied Field so that the perverse PETA doesn’t induce the future governments both of the State and the Union to trench into this field. 

If anyone doubts this, there was a state legislation passed by the Kerala state called THE KERALA LIVESTOCK IMPROVEMENT ACT, 1961 through which, in Section 4 it was stated: 


No person shall keep a bull which has attained the prescribed age except under and in accordance with the terms, conditions and restrictions of a licence granted under this section unless it is certified by the prescribed officer that the bull has been EFFECTIVELY CASTRATED by a menthod and in a manner approved by the Director. 
The effect of this legislation is that there are NO COUNTRY BULLS IN KERALA. This was achieved by the Congress party in Kerala while Pattom Thanu Pillay was the CM from the Praja Socialist Party and within a year of the legislation Sankar of Congress took over as the CM of Kerala in 1962! 

So much for National parties! The ostensible object was for making nondescript cows of Kerala to become high yielding varieties. 
After 56 years we have realised that we made all our A2 cows into A1 milk yielding cows in Kerala, besides ensuring that there are NO COUNTRY BULLS in Kerala and only oxen and bullocks! So much for the ignorant National parties which have no connection with the terrain of the states and make guinea pigs out of our states. Let us never EVER forget that our great country is a UNION OF STATES and eternal vigilance is the only way we could ensure that the moneybags and carpetbaggers do not set the agenda in Culture of the States, so long as the State cultural aspirations do not disturb other States of their aspirations and Liberty! 

Tax Jallikattu bulls!

Entry no 17 of the Concurrent List of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution is Prevention of Cruelty to animals. But there is another entry at entry no 58 in List Two of the States, which is Taxes on Animals. The state government of Tamil Nadu should immediately levy a tax on all the Jallikattu bulls and tell all those who claim that they are going to breed a bull for Jallikattu purposes only, should register those bulls and the tax should be nominal.

This would be on two grounds:

1. Preserving the culture of Tamil as mandated under Article 51A (f) of the constitution. (Based on historical proof in Tamil literature, and pre-independence scientific studies)

2. Even if the sport is prohibited, to preserve the hoary tradition, Pulikulam breed called as Jellicut breed by Capt. littlewood in his 1936 book called THE LIVESTOCK OF SOUTHERN INDIA, should be declared a Thamizh cultural breed connected with Thamizh. This would prove that there is a pre-independence scientific study by the Imperial Agricultural Research Institute, which validates the declarations to be made by the state government.
Once a legislation is made on this, one can take out and nullify the Notification issued by Jairam Ramesh and his cohorts!

Then Revival of Jallikattu would get validated.

I see no reason why, there are not enough chanakyas in TN to counter perverse PETA, PFA, HSI and AWBI through the legislative process!

Time to rescue Tamil Nadu from those sleepy and lazy states, spawning easy donation monies drawn through eliciting untruthful sympathies, based on one off cruelty inflicted by persons who had illtreated the bulls in Jallikattu!

Long live Thamizh!

On Jallikattu & Cockfights! 

The Tip of a Criminal Iceberg Cockfighting usually involves other crimes in addition to cruelty to animals. Gambling—frequently illegal and involving large sums of money—is found at many cockfights, as are firearms and other weapons that are sometimes used in violent, interpersonal crimes, including murder—for example, in a triple homicide that occurred at one Texas cockfight.9 Following a raid on a California cockfight, one Fresno County deputy said, “In years past we have a lot of other crimes associated with cockfights. We’ve had several murders, shootings, assaults, drug issues, weapons charges. A variety of things come as a result of these cockfights. That’s why our department takes it so seriously.”10
What You Can DoMany states have made cockfighting a felony. Even attending a cockfight is illegal in most states, as is possessing roosters for the purpose of fighting. In 2002, President George W. Bush signed legislation that made the transport of roosters across state lines to engage in fights a federal crime.11 Five years later, the Animal Welfare Act was amended to make “knowingly buying, selling, or transporting animals across state or international borders for the purpose of fighting” a felony.12
If you suspect that this illegal activity is occurring in your neighborhood, contact local law-enforcement authorities.

The above is excerpted from PETA website. PETA is run on funds received as donations from the public, grants and other resources made available to the begging socialites made in parties and closed door occasions!
A grand garnering of ‘resources’ based on the cause, that animals should not be treated cruelly or trained rigorously in inhuman ways for the purposes of entertainment appears to be the prime objective of PETA! Well, all causes are drafted having an eye on what the law not only prohibits, but also with the other eye on how well the “cause” could be marketed with the wealthy persons and the government, both of which owe their income to the legacy of their forebears or taxes respectively!

Cockfighting is a sport much reported in the media as having been performed in the state of Andhra. Neither the state authorities nor PETA india ( I have purposely used a small for I in India, as the organisation is neither Indian in its content nor is the agenda set by culturally knowledgeable Indians!). It is an Indian chapter of a foreign agenda, formed to comply with the laws of India to obtain tax benefits based on altruistic causes!
So why are PETA and its votaries so stuck on turning a Nelson’s eye on cruel activities to animals and birds in the state of Andhra, whereas they are strident on Jallikattu of Tamil Nadu?
Elementary, Mr. Watson! In Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu is a cultural issue, whereas in Andhra it is merely a sport for gambling. Look at the people running the Animal Welfare Board of India, the second in command is one Chinny Krishna of Tamil Nadu and his wife Nandita Krishna is the one who formed the Blue Cross! Besides these two, there are other players from Karnataka who are Poorva Joshipura the head of PETA india, who incidentally is an American citizen and had the guts to write to the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu  threatening her(the CS) of contempt of Court, if she allowed Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. Except for the head of the AWBI, who is a veterinarian from the armed services, none of the lot appears to be with a balanced view on any of the matters relating to Jallikattu. In fact all of them are activists and fully into organisations which have an avowed purpose of protecting the rights of animals! In fact one could call them the policemen of animal rights.

Jallikattu is apparently not a cruel sport and it would be difficult to justify proscribing this sport, therefore these cattle policemen queered the pitch before the Hon’ble Supreme Court and got included Jallikattu, as ‘cruel’  through inclusion of ‘Bulls’ in the category of animals which are proscribed for training for entertainment purposes. The law was passed by the Union Government, when a Kannadiga (Jairam Ramesh) was the head of that ministry, who knew more of Carnegie Mellon and MIT, than the history of Thamizhnadu!
(One should read the Pulikulam Breed  or the Jellicut Breed of bulls used for Jallikattu at page 95-97 in  THE LIVESTOCK OF SOUTHERN INDIA by Capt. Littlewood, 1936)
Time for the PETA and their cohorts to read “The Livestock of Southern India” by Littlewood especially pages 95 onwards for those morons to realise that there have been bulls which gored and killed humans then and one which killed 14 men prior to the 1936, which was considered ‘prized’, yet with tremendous improvement over the conditions since 1936, in Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu is neither unruly nor unregulated!
Read up my history, if you don’t have one.
Lay off from my legacy, if you don’t have one.
Grow up and do something so that at least you would have succeeded where your forebears have failed!
Did the government consult the stakeholder in Jallikattu, which was the state of Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu only? It neither consulted nor offered an opportunity.
Let us look at it this way, when 504 MPs, hailing from the other states, have no interest in Jallikattu and only 39 could have been interested being from TN, whose cause was affected by including bulls for Jallikattu on the proscribed list? Naturally the needle of suspicion points to PETA and other Animal Welfare Boards which neither spin nor toil for the funds funneled into their accounts, either as donations or taxes! Such monies have been strategically used to deploy the ablest lawyers in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

These organisations which live off the taxes and non taxable donations cry foul when a cultural event of centuries, is played with gaiety in Tamilnadu.
It is a sport of the valorous and not of the armchair philosophers and priestly classes which earn their butter through hymning! There is NONE, i repeat NONE from the communities which bred bulls, but the great grand daughter of a Dewans and American citizens, who are more accustomed to consuming the ghee from cows, who are the honchos of such animal welfare bodies!

It is time to set up a commission to ascertain if Jallikattu is an ancient sport and if so the courts should DECLARE it so and remove from the minds of those who hate it, for oblique reasons as a sport, as they fear that it could become an ” aspirational sport” and wean their boys away, and especially draw their girls to the valorous men who tame those bulls. .

Secondly, if cruelty is not practiced by the breeders of the bulls, that should also be stated. Licence should be issued to those who breed and the Bulls ought to be tested for performance enhancing substance before and after the race.

Thirdly, the participants should be allowed to register themselves before participating in Jallikattu and;

finally the spectators should be provided secure enclosures for their security in those arenas.

Instead of maligning the sport as cruel on the basis of unfounded sympathy for bulls, based on cherry-picked sporadic instances of abuse, a thorough impartial study should be conducted by the Thamizh community before banning the sport, by our highest judicial bodies!

I am sanguine that states which are NOT CONCERNED WITH THE BULL OR THE PEOPLE OF TAMIL NADU and also the Thamizh communities which are merely consumers of the milk products and who are not traditionally into raising or breeding cattle, would attend to some of their own infrastructure building and put their time and resources on educating their sons and daughters instead of making it their idle pastime in interfering with the variegated Thamizh culture!

Vaazhga Thamizh!