Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

This was a catechism class taken by Michelle Obama in New Hampshire, predicated on the dredged up stale video more than a decade old, colouring the President elect Mr. Donald Trump, as a male beast with no decency! Thanks Michelle🙏🏽. It is this stupid gender based male bashing engendered by being cocooned in the White House for the last eight years which did the hapless Hillary in!
A little reminder of an old saying from the Old part of the Bible: THE RACE IS NOT FOR TGE SWIFT NOR THE BATTLE FOR THE STRONG.
At least when you get out of the White House and return to reality, like Nebuchadnezzar your sanity would return. Stop this catechism and grow gracefully instead of taming men. Let them be! You have tamed yours and stick to it as a blessing from God, stop pontificating on decency based on the morale boosting belief on the mercenary pollsters! Like that hen pecked Ahab said: LET NOT HIM WHO PUTS ON THE ARMIUR TALK LIKE THE ONE WHO PUTS IT OFF.
Stick to the coastal rich and don’t start lectures on stale videos let loose by interested crooks!

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