Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

I am amused that a political party which had been making walk-outs of the Assembly, on grounds flimsier than muslin, had, when suspended from the Assembly should file a writ before a High Court and state therein that by that en masse suspension by the Speaker, 33% of the people of the State have gone unrepresented! 
How specious could the argument get before the Hon’ble High Court. 

When the voluntary walk-outs are orchestrated by the same party for strategic reasons, they care a fig as to their percentage of people they represent going unrepresented ! 
Time to introspect. Be in the house and allow business to be transacted, with erudite and humane speeches. 

Record your objections with sane reasoning. Stop TACTICS & STRATEGIES. Start participating and record your objections, if any, on reasonable grounds! 

Long live India and Thamizh. 

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