Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

Nobody knows that there is a team called Chennai Smashers in the Badminton Premier League in India . The captain of the team is P.V.SINDHU, who has today reached the finals in Olympics in women’s badminton.

I liked that attitude she showed in the second half of the second set, when she squelched her Japanese opponent 21-10! Eleven points straight. The best part was that she didn’t seem to be overawed by the occasion, when she was in the threshold of becoming the best hope for a silver or above, in this 2016 Rio Olympics, where medals for India have dried up faster, even without hope.

It is at that juncture that the captain of CHENNAI SMASHERS, P V SINDHU like a fresh breath stormed not with false modesty, but with innocent brashness seizing even the slightest opportunity to smash with accuracy! 

She made it!

Sindhu go go! Get the gold. The whole of India is behind you. Don’t be overawed by the occasion, you have it and you will. We need you to win. Go lady go! With Gopichand as the coach, I am sure that she’d maintain her head on her shoulders!

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