Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

Esau had two appetites which did him in. 

The Taste of his Tongue and the Lust of his eyes; and both had no restraint. The hunter in him required replenishment of energy lost in pursuit. Worse still was his lack of foresight to carry with him foodstuff to appease his hunger, which accentuated his taste of his tongue and the lust of his eyes. 

Jacob, on the other hand had not refined his tastes or allowed his lust to become unbridled, being under the care of his mother. 

Jacob was more a vegetarian, good at brewing pottage with lentils. He had added colour to make it more appetising. That Red, made Esau’s tastebuds go haywire and resulted in the barter of his birthright. 

Or is it all a post facto justification to attach some demeaning attributes to a loser? Or was Esau the weaker one who got kicked out of the womb by the robust Jacob, even at birth? 

Who knows? Maybe what we call the elder is the twin who lost to the stronger inside the womb! 
Whatever we believe is the Truth and that thought works in us and impels us forward. In sum, MAN IS A VICTIM OF HIS CHOICE – WHETHER FORCED OR FREE! 

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