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What is Grace?A question which has haunted me since I heard a dubious definition thus: AN UNMERITED FAVOUR. A ‘favour’ is too small a gift to be associated with the Christian idea of GRACE. The definition according to me is, as dubious like ‘EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN’ for FAITH!  
My endeavour is not to obfuscate the obvious, at the same time, when a definition does NOT appeal to one’s intellect, that definition has to be looked upon with suspicion and each person ought to struggle to capture the meaning within the ambit of the intellect. That’s human effort. 
To understand Grace, I had to turn my attention to MERCY. Mercy, as we know from criminal jurisdiction, is the power granted above the judiciary. The judiciary convicts a person of a crime and sentences him. The sentence could be from payment of penalty to death. 
Once the sentence is handed over and the conviction and sentence have reached finality, there is no scope but to serve out the sentence, or during the subsistence of the sentence, to get a remission for good behaviour etc.. 

Under the Mercy jurisdiction, the highest power granted by the society, the ultimate political body, may GRANT MERCY. Here Mercy, does not mean that the conviction had been set aside. The person surely IS GUILTY of the crime, but the sentence is waived- that is Mercy. 
When it comes to the Christian concept, GRACE is, when any relief is granted, without getting into a question of fact as to whether the person did or didn’t; or, deserves or doesn’t; instead if the request is granted it is GRACE. 

Who could have been better qualified to say that? None better than David – assuming that he wrote Psalm 32:

2. Blessed is the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile. 
So when a person is NOT IMPUTED with iniquity, that’s GRACE. But to obtain that, is it a must that he shouldn’t have guile in his spirit? Or is it a consequence of God not imputing Sin? Well, Brother Paul, to whom Jesus was merciful has a take on it, at Romans 4, where he cites the belief of Abraham, as no ‘work’ and how that belief of Abraham obtained Grace. Bro. Paul repeats that portion of the said Psalm and argues that without going through physical circumcision, through belief alone, one could obtain the benefits of the belief in Christ. 
For me, Grace is when God despite having the capability to know,and yet desists from knowing but GRANTS RELIEF FROM THE BURDEN/ GUILT OF SIN, WITHOUT LOOKING INTO OUR SINS, THAT’S GRACE! 
Not only sins, God doesn’t look into the MERIT of a person to grant him his desire, therefore a person who doesn’t ‘deserve’ obtains his object of desire, that is GRACE too. Thirdly, HUMAN KNOWLEDGE may be absent, yet God may provide something which a person neither desired or imagined. For example, the person who was incapacitated and lying near the Siloam for 38 years thought that he has to be the first to get in at the stirring of the waters by the Angel. But Jesus, IGNORED HIS KNOWLEDGE and cured him, that was GRACE. 

 He is merciful to the sinner; honours the diligent lagger; and surprises the IGNORANT HUMAN, with his Benevolence. The last two are also incidences of God’s GRACE! 

As most priests and preachers sweep mercy, forgiveness under the carpet of Grace, the word has lost its clarity. 

Time to put in an effort to understand and not let the spiritual quacks exploit the word! 

Of suspensions & walk-outs in Assemblies!

I am amused that a political party which had been making walk-outs of the Assembly, on grounds flimsier than muslin, had, when suspended from the Assembly should file a writ before a High Court and state therein that by that en masse suspension by the Speaker, 33% of the people of the State have gone unrepresented! 
How specious could the argument get before the Hon’ble High Court. 

When the voluntary walk-outs are orchestrated by the same party for strategic reasons, they care a fig as to their percentage of people they represent going unrepresented ! 
Time to introspect. Be in the house and allow business to be transacted, with erudite and humane speeches. 

Record your objections with sane reasoning. Stop TACTICS & STRATEGIES. Start participating and record your objections, if any, on reasonable grounds! 

Long live India and Thamizh. 


Nobody knows that there is a team called Chennai Smashers in the Badminton Premier League in India . The captain of the team is P.V.SINDHU, who has today reached the finals in Olympics in women’s badminton.

I liked that attitude she showed in the second half of the second set, when she squelched her Japanese opponent 21-10! Eleven points straight. The best part was that she didn’t seem to be overawed by the occasion, when she was in the threshold of becoming the best hope for a silver or above, in this 2016 Rio Olympics, where medals for India have dried up faster, even without hope.

It is at that juncture that the captain of CHENNAI SMASHERS, P V SINDHU like a fresh breath stormed not with false modesty, but with innocent brashness seizing even the slightest opportunity to smash with accuracy! 

She made it!

Sindhu go go! Get the gold. The whole of India is behind you. Don’t be overawed by the occasion, you have it and you will. We need you to win. Go lady go! With Gopichand as the coach, I am sure that she’d maintain her head on her shoulders!

Expunging in general! 

Amazing! Whenever I see that an EXPUNCTION is sought in a legislature, it is always by the side other than the one which uttered the remarks! 

In Life, when we have COMPUNCTION we seek EXPUNCTION from ourselves to forget what we had said to others, but in a Legislature, others demand for removal of the records to control the media from propagating what our representatives said. 

Videos had already been blocked on the premise that legislators started targeting their constituency instead of the issues legislated upon. 

Now, there is no way a curious common man would be able to read about the goings and sayings on in the legislature!

God bless us all! 

The bee & the bud!

வண்டின் வையாது பூவிற்கு தேவையற்ற கணிப்பு! பூவிற்கே அப்படியென்றால், பார்வையாளருக்கு அவசியமற்ற ஓன்று!

பூவிற்கு மகரந்த சேர்க்கை, பார்ப்பவனுக்கு பொறாமை😜  

The tongue of Esau!

Esau had two appetites which did him in. 

The Taste of his Tongue and the Lust of his eyes; and both had no restraint. The hunter in him required replenishment of energy lost in pursuit. Worse still was his lack of foresight to carry with him foodstuff to appease his hunger, which accentuated his taste of his tongue and the lust of his eyes. 

Jacob, on the other hand had not refined his tastes or allowed his lust to become unbridled, being under the care of his mother. 

Jacob was more a vegetarian, good at brewing pottage with lentils. He had added colour to make it more appetising. That Red, made Esau’s tastebuds go haywire and resulted in the barter of his birthright. 

Or is it all a post facto justification to attach some demeaning attributes to a loser? Or was Esau the weaker one who got kicked out of the womb by the robust Jacob, even at birth? 

Who knows? Maybe what we call the elder is the twin who lost to the stronger inside the womb! 
Whatever we believe is the Truth and that thought works in us and impels us forward. In sum, MAN IS A VICTIM OF HIS CHOICE – WHETHER FORCED OR FREE! 

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