This Thamizh movie named(?) rather titled ’24’ deals with a unique concept as yet not seen by me in any Thamizh movie. The storyline has a reticulated weave of love between Samantha and Surya on the one side; and a deep rooted conflict between boy twins born 180 seconds apart. The younger sibling’s son grows up to be the romantic hero Surya with Samantha being the object of his desire. 

Both the siblings and the romantic hero are played by Surya, thus making Surya’s presence in the movie all pervasive. 

The younger sibling is a scientist who had dedicated his life for inventing a watch like machine, which could set not only the Time back and restart events from the past but would also enable the wearer to remember the events which happened before resetting and allow the wearer to make choices different from those he made earlier, especially with the help of the ‘foresight’ he acquires because of the past event! 

Now that can get very confusing, when getting it into words, that is all the more reason that one SHOULD WATCH this movie ’24’, as with interesting episodes this shuttling possibility in Time is exemplified with elan and in an understandable manner. 
H.G. Wells’ TIME MACHINE, is too remote and the transportation time is so vast that there is no emotional glue to hold the attention of the emotional types’ interest, whereas, this movie has an Immediacy and the story line is flawlessly clear. The deployment of willing suspension of disbelief is required only on two or three points, which are dealt with early in the movie thereby not allowing sceptical logic entering the stream of the watcher’s consciousness. 

A R Rahman’s music is appropriate and the screenplay is INCREDIBLY GOOD. 

Thamizh Cinema has moved into the NEXT LEVEL. 

I haven’t seen an Indian movie made with such care, having a demanding storyline. 

Must watch 24!