Underbelly of Feminism!
Men have evolved!
The indicator is that most men would revolt against depiction of women in a disparaging light, especially relating to their bodily parts.

I am amused that women who had been defending men, having a small penis, have become a puny voice when it comes to the choice of a President, there appears to be a deep aspiration for them to have a well endowed President.
Illma Gore, whom I suppose to be an Australian, has depicted Donald Trump with a stub, taking the nomination of the Republican debate further!

If size didn’t matter, why should Illma Gore be making that the point in issue, especially when she doesn’t appear to have been at the receiving end of it or has been at any point been licensed to use it?

Opportunities to become somebody from relative oblivion through such dubious means are proliferating, especially as the electronic and social media have provided various platforms! Illma Gore has exposed the deep need of women for well endowed men, may be when one gets used to it, it may not be a badge which could be worn in public, but within the confines of friendship these probably are the priorities women aspire. But the proof of it is in the eating of it. A coiled snake’s reach cannot be judged by the naked eye, further there is an interactive extension which can be significant.
Illma Gore has broken the barriers of decency by not only substituting her putrid imagination for want of first hand proof, but by making it an issue whereas feminism had long derecognized it. There are a lot of sorority sniggering going on in the media at her cartoon, fraught with a feeling that they have had a peek at Trump’s privates.

Women are getting bothered about things they are very unlikely to encounter. It goes by the name of empathy. If Ivana and Melania are not bothered, why should Illana Gore be curious about such things ?

Some women like less belligerent and avuncular men to become the President of the US, but there might be a significant number of women who probably like to have a pugnacious and belligerent type. So in this war against these two types, it appears the ones preferring avuncular types may lose out. This seems to me to be causing fervid anxiety to this lesser known Gore. Illma Gore’s cartoon, some call it painting, seems to me to be the outburst of a frustrated woman with anachronistic values bringing a bad reputation to the torch bearers of Feminism.
What if Donald Trump calls her for a verification session after his ascendency to Presidency? Would she be able to handle it? And if she were to be proven wrong, would she pull down (her cartoon!) or badmouth it still – I mean her cartoon ? 

Let mankind get this one straight: NAILHEADS ARE MEANT FOR HAMMERS!