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Super! That’s the word to describe the decision of the Justice who had held that the Amendment by way of explanation to the KA Motor Vehicles Act, imposing Life Time Tax on other state vehicles plying in KA beyond 30 days, as ultra vires the constitution of India. 

That is Nation building.

The KA MVA had made a provision in derogation of the central MVA, which allows 1 year of plying in a state other than the one in which the vehicle had been registered. The Justice has struck down the KA Amendment on the grounds that in view of Article 254(1) of the Constitution of India, the Central Act would prevail. 

Super! Super!

This is Justice!

The harassment meted out by the KA brigade under the KA amendment is ineffable. Once when I had brought another state registered car, as a temporary replacement to my car on service, a Jt. Commissioner of Transport of KA, had the gall to threaten my driver stating that the car would be seized even though papers showed entry into KA just two days prior to his THREAT.

I told him that he may go ahead and seize. At that time, the car was in a private parking. What gall!

The fellow tried calling his RTO, who when he refused to come, requested me to meet him in his office. Upon my response that since my car was stopped in the parking lot, I shall remain there, he felt withered and expected me to follow him.

After half an hour the fellow comes back and hands over the keys to the car and says ” Sir, you may go!”

If that were to be the plight for a law knowing person like me, where would it leave the young boys and girls who had come from various states on employment based on merit to enjoy the IT boom of Bangalore?

I am an Indian and proud that such parochial minded fellows are not encouraged to harass vehicle owners in the name of collecting taxes!

Thanks Justice. 💐💐

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