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Solomon’s wisdom!
“For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it”

The above is the tenth verse of the Seventh chapter of Ecclesiastes.

The beauty about this verse is that Solomon, whom I assume, through common consent, to be the author of this verse, distinguishes WISDOM from KNOWLEDGE.

Firstly, he asserts that Wisdom is a tool of defence. Thereafter he goes on to say that Wisdom is a tool of defence just like money, a defensive tool which PROTECTS and PRESERVES, what is already there with the defender. Wisdom protects.

Thereafter he talks of the EXCELLENCY OF KNOWLEDGE, and asserts how Wisdom gives LIFE to those who have Knowledge!


Knowledge is a skill, a skill is learnt and applied in the most purposeful way. Let us take the most known example, David, who had the skill of playing the harp, but he was also skilled in the art of slinging with force and accuracy. David reaches Saul’s palace first as a musician, and plays for Saul. But his skill as a musician is not going to impress either Saul or Mehrab or Michal.

David had to match, if not excel in the skill, or in the resources for skill of, Saul to impress Mehrab or Michal. They are princesses and knew that the fairest belonged to the most courageous. When the challenge of Goliath was staring at Saul and Israel, David  downplays his skill as a harpist, and shows his skill as a slinger.
A little knowledge of the Bible would show that the tribe of Benjamin had the best slingers, WHO COULD SLING ACCURATELY WITHIN A HAIRBREADTH – so the Old Testament says: Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded; every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss.(Judges 20:16). Further, Saul, Mehrab and Michal, all belonged to the Tribe of Benjamin!
David’s “knowledge” was WISELY DEPLOYED. David proved his skill and was chosen to challenge Goliath. As already mentioned in my blogs earlier, Saul was no fool, neither was Abner one, to accept the challenge of subservience if lost to Goliath, if they were not sure of winning with the missile based skill of David.
David’s knowledge of his skills were WISELY deployed by him, which led to David getting a LIFE. David could legitimately lay a claim to Mehrab’s hand. That Mehrab couldn’t see in David more than a harpist or an onetime successful upstart is a pity.

But this verse of Solomon shows amply that Wisdom only protects, but coupled with knowledge it would lead to LIFE.

David was not discouraged when denied the hand of Mehrab, he conducted himself wisely in the king’s affairs. Another skill, in DIPLOMACY. David still doesn’t make it, he was set a challenge by Saul himself, hoping Saul would be able to eliminate him- the challenge of hundred prepuce!

David’s skills helped him, it was the excellency of his knowledge coupled with WISDOM which gave David the imperial life and the imperious Michal!

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