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Good gracious! What assumptions we make and later realise rather late that other possibilities existed even then but our pre-experience assumption delayed our understanding. 
While scrolling in one of those FB account that I chanced upon a post which elicited a sense of revolt at post facto misuse of one’s image! 

I wanted to like it. That was an urine urge, a need to express but can’t be done openly, unless that post was on my ‘friends’ wall! 
The wall owner was not known to me. Would that be ok? Or would be it like an uninvited barge? A guest tolerated out of the civil magnanimity which sets in as one social climbs! 
I liked it! I made that the pretext to click ‘like’.
The deed was done? But something was rankling, how could that person be ‘mutual’ when I do not know that person? 

FB suggests that the friend is a friend of both the watcher and the watched! 

Wow! What a way to flatter an unknown person to be packaged as a ‘friend’! 
I am still reeling under the linguistic opportunism grabbed by the ever vigilant business sense of the FB TEAM. 
Thank you SJ, seen, read and illusioned! There was no such word till I contacted and meaninged it! 
Like it? Click it! 

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