Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The bamboo ridiculed the Banyan as being selfish, in that it lets down its aerial roots and does not wish to pass away gracefully vacating the place for its next generation like the bamboo which has its offshoots from the rhizome below and new shoots rise from those rhizomes and the old bamboos pass away gradually in the secure surroundings of its family. The bamboo further said: you banyan need the support of your aerial roots to get to the earth and nourish you, but you do not let them lead an independent life. You let those aerial roots dip into the earth and sustain you at the cost of their lives!The banyan was amused and said calmly, ” My offsprings are the seeds which have been strewn far and wide and they are banyan’s life in itself. They survive and grow on their own, but the aerial roots you are referring to are mine own, when I am old my roots don’t supply much because of congestion in the circulatory system . Therefore, I stop growing and divert my sap for those aerial roots which are geocentric and they establish my alternate trunks. Why do you judge me by your standards? I am not a rhizome plant, I have the liberty to follow the path my forebears have set”

The bamboo was wondering why God made it so different? 

God said, “Stop questioning me. Do you know what the banyans go through? Do you know how many survive to rise to that level as the one you know? Talk not of things you CANNOT UNDERSTAND! Live and ask for fulfilment of your legitimate aspirations, not comparitive possibilities which arise out of your opportunities!

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