Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The Dodgers!

Dodging is not an art as much as an inability to PERFORM! Most of the Dodgers are not only unable to perform, but are afraid of the consequences of such non-performance!

It is therefore made of two parts, one is the inability to perform and secondly their cleverness in avoiding the unpalatable consequences.

In essence to be a Dodger, one has to be, in the modern context UNSKILLED to perform, and also be CLEVER enough to avoid detection !

So there is a breed of UNSKILLED BUT CLEVER people populated in any institution, who acquire the ability to GRAB CREDIT!

This breed is the worst and the never ending malaise of any Institution or organisation.

Three things happen because of such types, they OCCUPY POSITIONS and thereby deny a skilled person of an opportunity. Secondly, they AVOID doing the task as they are UNSKILLED. Thirdly, they GRAB THE CREDIT due for others and PROJECT themselves as competent.

In the melee created by such types, one has to have the good fortune like Oliver Twist to escape from the Jack Dawkins and brother Monks, who have their own agenda of concealing their novicehood  and grab inheritance!

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