Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The body blow that INDRANI Mukherjea has dealt to the Feminist agenda, of forwarding the innocent lamb taken to slaughter by the macho and merciless men, seems immense.

Seems, the forwarders of the Feminist agenda in the path mentioned above, may be have to stick to such theories in respect of rural women, whose menfolk are still treating their women as chattels. Not anymore, the women of means and those raised in cities.

I can understand every strand of the epic of INDRANI Mukherjea, except for the way she had USED Sanjeev Khanna! The guy says his weakness is for his biological daughter through INDRANI!  So he had to acquiesce with INDRANI ‘s whims, which has ultimately led to him becoming an alleged murderer!

Peter claims oblivion and he has good reason not wanting to know all the past of a woman with such a super past! Vir Sanghvi, has bowled a googly by stating that Indrani’s kids were fathered by her step father! Why Vir Sanghvi couldn’t have wondered that Ms. Indrani could have possibly lied to him also, is a mystery!

Are they portraying INDRANI as a mega villi, as she is not there to defend herself? Are her ex-colleagues settling age old scores? Why are they jumping in and adding their own opinions which do not have anything germane to the murder on hand.

SHEENA, is dead, with no evidence of her body, instead of lighting a candle for the disappeared SHEENA,  everyone is baying for immediate justice Of RETRIBUTION on INDRANI !

Arnab Goswami, initially made it seem as if Peter Mukeherjea was his wife’s daughter’s keeper, and as if Peter owed a duty to tell all and sundry, especially the nosy Arnab, about all he knew, of all these women and men in Indrani’s life! As if , Peter ought to have known !

Are we rendering to our CONSTITUTION our due? Are individuals like Peter, merely because of their association with a woman accused of murder, to forgo all their RIGHTS , to silence, to defend one’s spouse, to presume innocence till proven guilty, and come to the ALTAR OF ARNAB GOSWAMI, and make a clean breast of all that they might have known?

Media also has to circumscribe to its limits. We in India have have gotten rid of the Jury Trial, as PERVERSE FINDINGS by the Jury had become a true bane to the administration of Justice.

Now with the ilk of Arnab we have brought back jury trial by media! As it is, no one knows what Rights an individual has, forget about exercising those! In this confusion, the voluble and disruptive Arnab has declared himself the high priest, into the slippery path of slavery in the name of EXTORTING A CONFESSION!

Let us return to sanity and let the Police collect the evidence and allow the courts to determine if the police had done its duty or not! Let there be order and decency in our discourse. SHEENA ain’t gonna come back and I am sure that the Mumbai police would bring out the best possible evidence.

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  1. And the media conveniently ignores the result which is contrary to their projection.

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