Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

When Peter the chiefest Apostle of Jesus was asked by Jesus to come walking on water in the boisterous sea, Peter without a thought, jumped out of the boat he was in and started walking towards Jesus. But, after a few strides on the sea, Peter started to sink and started shouting for help towards Jesus. Jesus lifts him up and asks a superb question: PETER, WHY DID YOU DOUBT? 

In Peter Mukherjea’s case, the question to be asked is : PETER, WHY DIDN’T YOU DOUBT? 

Peter Mukherjea has been accused of having been blinded by his love for his wife INDRANI MUKHERJEA, who is the main suspect in the disappearance of SHEENA BORA, who is stated to be the uterine daughter of INDRANI Mukherjea through one of those classic cases of exemplifying the Shakespearean SHE HAD A CHILD TO HER CRADLE BEFORE SHE HAD A HUSBAND TO HER BED! 

It is not as much as she had a child, rather children, two in the last count, but the fact that she is stated to have signified them to be her siblings instead of offsprings, which is intriguing. INDRANI doesn’t seem to have owned up to her own acts, even after hitting her forties! 

But that’s her choice, but when she is the main suspect in the murder of another human being, it is no more a family affair. To complicate matters, the disappeared SHEENA, was in a relationship with Peter’s son through his earlier marriage. 

In all these relational melee, Peter was willing to believe everything that INDRANI was feeding Peter with! 

All this is normal. But what is most interesting is that the vocally disruptive Arnab Goswami seems to be milking the media TRPs with his heavy duty analysis and talking sometimes like a DGP and at times talking like the Chief Justice of Asia! Arnab Goswami is getting panelists in batches and enjoying his high credibility and decibels!

I wonder if Arnab thinks that all his shouting would make sure that the police does their job without any let! I like that zeal with which Arnab Goswami suspects facts and launches on his hypothesis portraying everyone except him as a villain! 

Just five days back he had named and shamed  a guy in a matter where he called the guy who was alleged by a young girl for some misdemeanour as a Pervert! 

Arnab moves on calling all and sundry with the flavour of the moment! Lives for the moment, what an enlightened person! I can’t imagine a world minus Arnab! 

But why is he after Peter? God knows! But in Arnab’s case: THIS TOO SHALL PASS AWAY! 

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