Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

In the jails in Tamil Nadu, as a means of suffusing serving convicts with Hope after sentence, especially long ones, yearly some of the ex-convicts who had been rehabilitated would be brought to the sports day conducted in jails. In the underlying Christian tradition of REJOICING over a lost and found case, these successfully rehabilitated autre foi convicts were showcased by the Jail administration before the serving convicts! 

HOPE is instilled in the minds of the convicts that , even they have hope if they could serve out their sentences and start afresh! 

In the recently concluded Beijing Athletic World Championship, out of the nine finalists on the 100 metres sprint, four were EX-DOPERS! Those who had stayed out and served the sentences imposed! They were JUSTIN GATLIN, TYSON GAY, MIKE RODGERS and ASAFA POWELL! 

Still none made it to the top! It was USAIN BOLT, who pipped Justin Gatlin by one hundredth of a second. The ex doper had a better start, naturally the doper’s reflexes seem to have been better! 

Sports and Doping, do not mix. Further, the glory that ought to have come to a diligent and talented non doper is smuggled by a masked doper and a worthy guy is denied his time in the sun. Whereas, like Lance Armstrong, after many seasons out of contrition or discovery or ratting by a fellow doper, facts trickle out. Meanwhile the cream of glory and endorsement monies had been stashed away by the dopers. Later, they, on the advice of the brands they promoted on the guise of clean sportsmen, would turn repentant, and like Zacchaeus, return fourfold out of the then tenfold multiplied assets for charity and spend the rest of their lives as reformed criminals, giving lectures on Hope like those autre foi convicts! 

Let us spare time for Usain Bolt, who is a CLEAN SPORTSMAN, and has to fight off the challenge from the dopers! 

To make the field even, why not let the tainted sprinters to have their own events and not get undue VISIBILITY AND MILEAGE OUT OF THESE EVENTS! 

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