Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

kathirikaai muththinaal sandhaikku varanum! (In English it means: if the brinjal ripens, it has to come to the market!)

The above mentioned Thamizh proverb means, if a matter has reached its final stage, it will come for public circulation!

A Justice of the Supreme Court of India  has refused to participate in a meeting of the Chief justices of the High Courts of India, convened by the CJI of the Supreme Court of India, on the grounds that the meeting was scheduled on the day which had been accepted as Good Friday, by majority of Christians and acknowledged by the Government and declared  a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. The Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court of India, had written to the CJI, which was responded to by the CJI stating that the August meeting was not being convened for the first time on a National Holiday and that similar meetings had been convened on Independence Day and on Valmiki’s birthday. 

Matters did not end there, it went further and the CJI had mentioned that Institutional responsibilities were to supervene these considerations of one’s religious festivals! 

The Puisne Justice had further escalated matters, by writing to the Prime Minister of India about his inability to participate, reason being the Holy Week!


First is my Self made up of my body, mind, beliefs and existence.

Next is the set of choices which give me my Identity and my aspirations which give a future direction for my identity.

Finally, but equally importantly, my milieu which defines my relationship with the external bodies including other human beings and responsibilities, duties , rights, liabilities and the protection which the CONSTITUTION OF INDIA, guarantees. 

Without the first two the third would be irrelevant. For example, if I choose to live in the forests of the Himalayas or the Western Ghats or the chambal valley far away from all civilisation as a sage or even in isolation without my interaction with other members or facilities of the society like Thoreau, the third part doesn’t arise. So with the third element my interaction with the society and other human beings arises. 


(To be continued……)

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