What intrigues me is that each perception appears the closest to the TRUTH. Hamlet had lost a MAN whom he adored as irreplaceable, and that Man had lost the woman of his own affections to a Household Relative (brother) creating a suspicion that the Death did not HAPPEN, but was made to happen.
And to boot, in which conspiracy this woman was involved. A Clytemnestra in deed and playing a Jocasta nonchalantly, both rolled into one.
A mind that had seen the woman as a mother, to see her as the soft Imperial flesh on an anvil in which Claudius’ hammer would pommel. Where does he stand now? Anymore in awe of any woman? – Nay. He has found that functionally her femininity had to be hammered to obedience on the anvil of raw sex.
Hamlet’s perceptions have altered. Gertrude wants him to see his father’s “death” as a common thing. He thinks it is UNCOMMON.
Claudius could have not outlived his brother much and the fruits given, when savored without teeth, would the juiciness appreciate, without the pleasure of the crackle of the crispness of the fruit. And it was no small thing for Claudius, that a woman who was out of bounds to the mind, would crawl up to Claudius with seductive sluttishness to not only be hammered, but eagerly made to savor, swallow and/or drain the scum of her brother-in-law’s lust and prize it as a possession to be relished and slimed between her fingers and smelt deeply. To watch her prize him above his killed brother was delirious. She even might have spoken freely to Claudius about the foibles in private moments with her dead brother-in-law (husband had become brother-in-law, only thing is that the husband was dead!)
Gertrude had no option. She had to reconcile her UNFAITHFULNESS with PERMANENCE. Sooner or later she would get caught, if the affair continued, she had to LEGITIMIZE her fallen status. A NEGATIVE REDEMPTION, two errors get multiplied to become a right. The only way is to conspire to eliminate the FIRST MAN, after all, only the first was betrayed and could accuse anyone of BETRAYAL. Claudius was the beneficiary betrayer of the successful implementation of the conspiracy. He gained the kingdom and the former Queen. A double slam. That UNFAITHFULNESS can be given a permanent status only if the object which continues to be the source of the GUILT has to be made to disappear. URIAH had to GO, otherwise the CHILD would show up and beg for a father, who could have never had access to reach his mother. David, oops! Claudius had to kill or be hanged later if his brother and the kingdom found out.

The TRAGEDY of Hamlet’s father is that even Hamlet doesn’t trust him!
Where is the Truth?
Easy to resolve it through Ethics, but why make that a yardstick? Is it a must? and why not see from each person’s compulsion because of an INDELIBLE PAST? Things get ARTISTIC thereafter. Read HAMLET……..

Uterine siblings!

Is there any history to the coinage,  ‘UTERINE SIBLINGS’ ?

No, not that I have ever heard or read of. I am going to reconstruct the history of UTERINE SIBLINGS.

In a particular society near the present day Virudhunagar, was a community where men happily followed polygyny and women acquiesced to their lot. Their eyes had not yet been opened to perceive that to DEMAND PHYSICAL FIDELITY FROM A MAN WAS NEITHER AN IDEA, in fact if a woman could command the undivided physical interest only in one man, then that woman would be worshiped upon her death, nor a practice.  Therefore, it was a posthumous honour that no living woman prioritized nor desired such a far vision. Whatever the hardship, darkness had to come and sleep would envelop her day’s grievances.

In this background, women had to distinguish their own children without offending the sensitivity of man that any of his women would ever dare to distinguish any of his children, as others’ and mine! They were all HIS, that’s ALL what mattered!

In this scenario, women devised to INCLUDE men in the identification of the parentage of their children, they called it SIBLINGS. From Children they became siblings, indicating the same parentage. They did not want to say that the children were born to both the parents or only one of the parents had been biologically associated. They brought the men in this word SIBLINGS, all knew that a woman was absolutely necessary for a birth, whereas there NEED NOT BE ANY CERTAINTY of the participation of a MAN. Anyone could have been the biological male parent. The society had no business to involve, support or be seen as supporting the determinability of determining the male parent.

Then the WOMEN who had one man exclusively devoted to her through out his life was to be honoured and then WOMEN started recognizing the other children born to their male biological partner. That coinage has been the beginning of a WOMAN respecting the Co-children she had with him. Thereby POLYGYNY was in vogue in that village, the name i shall not name now, as that would make the story more PREDETERMINED. It has to evolve, but don’t think I do not know it – remember it is my creation, and when i will create is my privilege and I shall never ever abdicate that privilege! Whatever has happened out of nothing is CREATION and whatever would become out of nothing is also CREATION!


The Lord is my shepherd who teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight – Syncopated text of Ps. 23 and 144

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Christians in their eagerness to believe in MIRACLES make even RESULTS of  EFFORTS, which have fructified thru HOPE, to be classified as MIRACLES.

A good example is the story of KING DAVID, who was the second King of Israel and finds mention in the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles of THE BIBLE.

For those not familiar with the story of David, let me recount a brief life story of one of the greatest symbols of Jewish History. His father’s name was Jesse and he had 7 brothers, who were all elder to him. Being the last and and ignored by his father Jesse, DAVID was rather consigned to tending to the few sheep which Jesse had. He was from the tribe of Judah.

David’s sculpture by Michelangelo leaning on one leg with a curled up fingers in the nude oozes with manliness. But his left hand is bent at…

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