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IN  the Gospel of St. John, Jesus says MY FATHER IS GREATER THAN I.

In another instance Jesus says I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

Let us cut back to the old Testament and there when Moses asks YAHWEH what he shud tell the Pharaoh as to the God’s  name, Yahweh tells him to say, “I  AM  HAS CALLED US TO WORSHIP HIM”.

So what is the “I”?

The Psychologists have split up the human consciousness into EGO, SUPEREGO, ID, etc. Almost in all systems, the Psychologists have made the divisions three fold. They have adequately defined the nature of the space held by each of the three divisions. But by dividing thus, probably the Psychologists have achieved clarity in expression and the efficacy of such division has been salubrious, from the therapeutic point of view. But it still does not clarify the above statements that have been…

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