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The Rao cut!


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Back in the Law College, at Delhi, during recess, student-friends used to saunter to the canteen to have light refreshments. If the next hour after the recess were to be handled by an incompetent prof or lecturer, the recess would be extended beyond his/her hour of lecture.

During one of those recesses, i was with my friend Vikrant and this CA friend by name Rao. Mr Rao, as my remembrance goes was an amiable person and a willing smiler. He had a certain reserve which Chartered Accountants have- the type of reserve which unless an opinion is sought and potentially paying would not volunteer any perspective or even info. But in a college one doesn’t get too deep into those traits, as keeping the association for 3 years on an even keel was more important.

So on that day when the three of us walked in to the canteen, pushed…

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Jesus & Humphrey Bogart

I follow Jesus, but I also follow Humphrey Bogart- the only difference is that I follow the teachings of the former, but so far as the latter is concerned I follow his website which I have embedded in my Facebook account. One is the foundation of the aspirations of my Life, the other is my Ideal actor who was able to hold his own masculinity in the face of adversity and assaulting femininity !
The problem that I face today is that both are supposed to have been born on the 25th of December and I have to decide whose birthday is more important for me to focus on my
celebrations. In this dichotomy I have become a split personality torn between Jesus’ birthday, traditionally called CHRISTMAS and Bogart’s birthday, which I want to call as HUMP’S DAY.
I am a person who believes that an entertainer should take precedence over an unparalleled model of human living, coupled with teachings which have attracted humans to engage in endeavours of reclamation of human dignity in the face of consuming sicknesses and Human helplessness, which have been traditionally indoctrinated as deserved plight of sinful behaviour of human beings. Jesus brought about these changes through human Realisation that man’s plight is not entirely because of his sins alone, but could be also because of the randomness of EVIL!
This Human plight should not be seen thru judgemental lens but compassionately, but in ones own life should lead to contrition coupled with behavioural correction.
But these perceptions of Jesus amounts to nothing and I, the monarch of my own degenerate stupid, idiotic and whimsical mind puffed up with insolence and invincibility have henceforth decided to celebrate the 25th of December as the Good Entertainment Day.
After all the Russians celebrate The Seventh of January as CHRISTMAS, so I care a fig for the whole world and modify the 25th of December to Humps Day and I am all for organising competition for males and females who can dress nattily and puff at a cigarette with volcanically oozing manliness!
I rest my case on the coincidence of their dates of birthday and slyly want to ride on the popularity of the day pre-established !
Any takers for Hump’s Day?

A butterfly’s HOPE

A caterpillar saw a beautiful butterfly and wanted to cohabit with her. The butterfly knew that the caterpillar would one day evolve into a dormant pupa before it would become a butterfly. The doubt of the butterfly was whether the caterpillar would remember his caterpillar days after a long dormancy as a pupa, this was further compounded by the butterfly’s own insecurity as to whether she’d be youthful enough to cheerfully spend her days with the newly evolved he-butterfly! The she butterfly had to decide or show patience with a hope which could turn out to be like sip at a wine of hoary vintage or shrivel up with despair because of having entertained a uncertain hope. The butterfly waited and chose a hopeful future with the caterpillar. Now the pupa is in its shard and the butterfly visits the pupa to see the first cracks to appear on the shard of the pupa!

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