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Compassion & Mercy

Compassion and Mercy are not interchangeable , although to a tyro these might be synonyms, the import of usage of Compassion and Mercy as interchangeable synonyms would be like equating the Grace obtained by the robber on the side of the crucified Jesus and the grace obtained by the blind man, who was attempted to be made the centre of debate of sinfulness by the Pharisees, to have been in receipt of the same exoneration !
For the convicted , any grace shown by an authority for remitting or commuting his sentence would be Mercy. But, when a person is bailed out of his pathetic condition without reference to his crime or sin or wrong would be Compassion.
When Jesus was asked a question, which presupposed sinfulness of either the blind man or his parents, Jesus says that his blindness was because of neither but for the manifestation of the Glory of God!
Every Christian by believing on the Divinity of Jesus has to believe in his omniscience, so Jesus knew the reasons for his blindness, if any, but tells every reader of the passage that STOP JUDGING, and DO SOMETHING !
That is COMPASSION – no reference to a man’s PAST!
I am constrained to write this as Pastor Francis of Andrew Kirk Presbyterian church at Chennai, failed to make this divine distinction in his sermon this morning to my deep chagrin. The pastor is erudite, sensitive and pious and I couldn’t stomach his interchangeable usage of the words!

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