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So the motorcycle rider who possessed a helmet more for statutory reasons than belief in protection of his skull, had placed it on his bike’s petrol tank and was cruising at @ 40 kmph. For some reason, the helmet fell off the tank on to the road and rolled to the centre of the road halting the ongoing traffic, while he abruptly stopped his bike on the middle of the road and went chasing his helmet. 

My friend who was seated beside me says,”Look at this moron, who is now protecting his helmet from being run over by a heavy vehicle instead of the helmet protecting him in an eventuality!

Well said, I thought.

But it also triggered a thought not very dissimilar to the actions of that moron. Firstly,  to overcome our anxieties, fears and to fulfill our aspirations we wear RELIGION as our helmet and as time goes by, we fall into ritualistic religion having NO BELIEF in our practices nevertheless following them intermittently. Some day when our religion or our religious beliefs are threatened,  we go around “protecting” our religion from the assaults perceived by us. The functional use is lost and we zealously protect the symbols of our FAITH without any BELIEF! I thought, I was equally a moron!

But remembered Jesus’ statement: The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath!

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  1. Benedictg said:

    Well there are make believe helmets that we get on the roadside…. for a farthing.

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