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It is not because of the polls in Varanasi and other constituencies in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal that this day the 12th of May 2014 is important, but that from the evening of the 12th, the TV channels would be hopefully at liberty to air the results of the Exit polls.

What’s so different about these exit polls? This gives the media to ADJUST the contents of the alleged PAID NEWS put out by them, while the polling was in progress. Now the ‘smarter’ channels ‘which are alleged to have been paid’  would correct the figures and keep it closer to the ‘actual’ figures which were arrived at not only during the EXIT POLLS but also the pre-polling data!

The standard deviation from the mean arrived at from their pre-poll analysis, has to be juxtaposed against the EXIT poll predictions to find out their waywardness. More interesting would be the ‘reasons’ given by the  psephologists to scale down the ‘lies’ alleged to have been propagated for lucre!

I am eagerly awaiting the analysis which would be following the “adjusted exit poll” results today. The crux is that EVERYONE in the media has been given a last opportunity to align himself/herself to the truth which would emerge on the 16th instant.

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