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The Indian media had been wanting to purvey its cheap thrills by projecting Google Chrome’s SUNDAR PICHAI as a contender for the exalted throne of CEO at MICROSOFT against SATYA NADELLA, a MICROSOFT insider for 22 years. Thereafter knowing the inclination of the itching eared Indian public, brought out their serialized countdown to Bill Gates’ statement that Satya Nadella COULD be considered for CEO’s position at MICROSOFT. Finally as a denouement to this play, NADELLA SATYA was announced to have become the CEO of MICROSOFT! So they were able to fill up their front pages/headlines for the techie crowd to buy their brand of newspaper or watch their TV channel ! Sure, those who had advertised during the last 3 days, would have had the well-heeled techie eyeballs on their content.

We love MYTHS- atleast I love it. Because it is NOT didactic like a fable: secondly in MYTHS there are no value judgments, there are only winners and losers (the moralists and amoralists say,l why one won, and the other says why one lost). These things happened, if you want to believe, then believe. We are not bothered about your beliefs, in fact if your UN-belief is a hindrance to your believing these narrated instances, we can help you bring you to belief by repeatedly making a whole lotta MYTH evangelists to recall the episodes in a myth and DRUM YOU INTO BELIEF OF THE FACTS OF THE MYTH! Once you accept it as a FACT, then it is only a question of falling into the category of a MORALIST or an AMORALIST. ( well you need to read Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to imbibe the sense in which i am using it). Once this division takes place, we can ARGUE on end, endlessly! We Indians love ARGUMENTS and myths are the best source. It encourages us to become more TRUSTING in the IMPOSSIBLE!  This is what we want- WE LOVE IT, WE LOVE IT, WE LOVE IT.

This kind of serialized UPDATE is nothing but building a mass to carry the FACT


The above is the url for FIRST interview granted by Nadella Satya and look out for 2 min 36 seconds, when he says that his first objective is to RUTHLESSLY REMOVE THE OBSTACLES TO INNOVATION! Wah! wah! wah!



Now you might wonder how I came up with such a succinct definition? Simple- simple people love SIMPLE ANSWERS and they FIND THEM WITHIN THEMSELVES!

 Is it an easy task? Wouldn’t he be bringing in a whole lotta INSTABILITY, YES but the exposure of that INSTABILITY is to those able minds which can HANDLE the instability, the rest are going to remain the avant-garde illiterate and are in all probability destined to remain in a sheepfold of CONSUMERISM. He is on top and if he  RUTHLESSLY REMOVES THE OBSTACLES TO INNOVATION, it would be an eyeopener. 

Look at SATYA NADELLA’s biography, it is full of illustrious parentage and in-laws’ parentage. All those IAS tags and what they did when they were with the political honchos! Compared to those of the illustrious academic record of SUNDAR PICHAI, studying in Manipal, smacks of CAPITATION FEE to start with. No great scores in GMAT too- IT SEEMS! Yet INNOVATION has got him there. NADELLA SATYA has made it. If 10 years back, if someone had told me that a person from any of the Manipal engineering colleges woul;d make it make it as the MICROSOFT CEO, i would have LMAO. But it is a reality today. 



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