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The Eagle, the crow and the dove!

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The crow which left the eagle in the middle of the conversation and went scavenging came back after gorging on the carrion it had feasted on with its murder. The crow was not in the least ashamed of its manners- its belly was its god and it seems that in all likelihood, there is not going to be any evolution on this in a hurry.

So the crow perched on its branch and saw a lot of Doves pecking at the fallen grains from a truck with such alacrity, that it seemed as if the doves have not had their meals in ages.

The crow could not forget the humiliation suffered at the hands of the eagle and quickly had to find someone worse to comparatively be seen in a better light. So the crow told the eagle, “AT LEAST I GO OUT ON MY OWN AND DO MY OWN HUNTING WITHOUT WORRYING ALL THE TIME AS TO WHETHER MY SPOUSE IS ALRIGHT EVEN DURING THE NON-MATING SEASON. BUT LOOK AT THESE DOVES THEY SPEND ALL THEIR TIMES ENSURING THAT THEIR SHE-DOVES DO NOT PAIR OFF WITH THE OTHER HE DOVES AND HENCE ARE THE MOST INSECURE!”

The Eagle was not only an imperial bird, but was imperious in its attitude, so it called one dove to come and answer the charges presumed by the crow. The eagle paraphrased what the crow had said and asked the dove, if what the crow said was correct. The dove was not to be brow-beaten by the crows allegations. So the dove asked if they knew that the story of the dove was very different from those of the other birds, since the day the FEMALE DOVE was released the last time by NOAH from the ark?

Both the Eagle and the Crow were flabbergasted- the dove was taking them so back in time that they were left with no story to rebutt but their pride standing in their way of belief!

So the Dove said: When Noah wanted to find out if the waters had subsided he let the female dove out of the ark and the first time it RETURNED. By the way, the Crow could never understand the purpose and went round and round the ark, with no use to mankind except to scavenge and scrounge. But the second time the female dove was sent out, it came back with the good news that the waters had subsided and thus presented an olive branch. The third time the female dove NEVER CAME BACK. This helped Noah to know that the land had become dry, but the ARK was left with only a MALE DOVE and the chances of extinction of doves became a near reality.

After all the animals, birds and man had alighted or flew out of the ark, the only  creature which was left without a companion was the DOVE. The male dove was alone, however Noah was very compassionate to the only Male dove which was the last to get out of the ark and told him that he had either an option to go and look for his female dove- which seemed to have deserted the ark or to wait for God to ‘find him a partner’ and that he would entreat God for speedy finding of a female dove.

Noah’s prayers were answered when God showed Noah the place where the female dove had dropped its egg before falling dead of exhaustion. Quickly the egg was recovered by Noah and a nest was prepared and the male Dove was put on top to brood over the egg on the hope that the egg, thus hatched would be a female dove.

Lo! & Behold! When the egg hatched it was a female dove. From then on the MALE DOVES HAVE BECOME ATTACHED TO THEIR FEMALE DOVES & IT CONTINUES TILL DATE. “

The eagle listened to all this with amusement, wondering whether the male dove was merely justifying his service of his spouse or did that incident so shock the dove’s consciousness to such an extent that this attitude of “STAYING HOME AS HOUSE HUSBANDS” has become indelibly imprinted in their consciousness.

However, the Crow was not one to wonder- it just jumped to its conclusion- THE DOVE WAS INSECURE AND HEN-PECKED!

The Dove was not pleased by such strange perceptions, so it decided to call the observer Dove called in its community as FREUD DOVE. Freud dove landed before the other three and explained as follows: Every creature is motivated by SEX only and our male ancestor was left without such a possibility and this TRAUMA has resulted in all the male doves having become POSSESSIVE and WORSHIPERS OF THE FEMALES!

The Eagle was not happy with the generalization and called for the Eagle observer called ADLER the Eagle. Adler the eagle landed up and told the conclave that POWER is the only determining factor and even within our eagle community, it is for the power that the eagles take to the thermals and indulge in soaring high with no “functional’ necessity or gain! It was the show of POWER which determines the attitude of each bird.

The CROW which saw FREUD DOVE and ADLER EAGLE fight over the reasons for ATTITUDE of their clan, cawed for its observer JUNG the Crow. Jung the observer crow came and after acquainting itself with the discussions said, “LET US GET THIS ONE STRAIGHT- IT IS THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE BREED. INDIVIDUAL CREATURES HAVE VERY LIMITED OPTIONS AND WE HAVE TO FIND THE ARCHETYPAL FORCES AT PLAY!”

The Crow observer had confused the whole issue- that is why the crows are still trying to find their ARCHETYPES and looking for it everywhere and therefore as humans , we can find crows everywhere!


The Banyan and the Bamboo.

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They were adjacent to each other in a nursery. On one plat was bamboo saplings and the other banyan saplings. There was great demand for both, The bamboo had had a long association with Buddhism and the banyan with Hinduism. During the days the leaves were busy using their chlorophyll and they seldom had time to talk to each other. But in the cool of the nights, they were like neighbours sharing their inanities of LIFE, were talking to each other and growing together.

After a few days of neighbourly friendship, the Bamboo asked the Banyan why he was not growing fast and keeping pace with him. The Banyan sapling had 2 good reasons: firstly, my roots take up all my nutrients and my supply is RATIONED even though it is I who helps the whole plant, through my chlorophyll,  for photosynthesis! The tap root which i have…

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