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Almost at the end of the Under graduation course everyone in the class thought that a BELLWETHER was the ram which led the whole flock to the fold. Later it had also derived a very positive meaning in the technology circles to mean  “technology which is avant garde”!

But my understanding of the whole thing changed when I was told that a BELLWETHER is nothing but a CASTRATED RAM, to which a bell was hung around his neck, but all this happens in a sequence. What is the sequence?

Firstly, the biggest and the most unruly of the rams is chosen by the owner of the sheep. Then that chosen ram is castrated. The idea is to tell the other rams that this ram is bigger in size and could perform any feat that any other ram presumes to have the ability to perform and ewe being ewe is overawed by the size of the ram which is not willing to perform any of those sexual functions! Those functions are no more in its domain as the “structure” has been altered! The ram had been castrated!

This ram which has been INSTITUTIONALIZED serves a bigger purpose for the owner of the sheep by becoming the leader of the flock. It appears as if the flock would follow this BELLWETHER and as if the bellwether has the “liberty” to go wherever he wants to. But that is not the case, the bellwether of the flock is very conscious of the “whistle” of the shepherd and follows the shepherd.

Since the shepherd desires to have well fed sheep and rams, the shepherd wants to lead the flock to pastures green. But how to communicate? The easiest way is to CASTRATE the best RAM of the flock and give him the incentive of leading the flock for following the whistle of the shepherd. The ram had not only lost its ability to propagate its genes, but is made to GLORIFY in the fact that the rest of the sheep are his followers! WHAT A GRAND ILLUSION the owner has created.

When the bellwether was given a bell  round his neck, he thought it was an honour, but upon calmer reflection realized that the bell was to alert the unruly sheep and make them follow the shepherd’s whistle through the clanging of the bell around his neck.

The bellwether had been INSTITUTIONALIZED and had NO OTHER OPTION.

I thought the bellwether being an animal and devoid of understanding submitted to such castration, but a friend of mine narrated the history of a haveli, which was the harem of a nawab. The nawab had to collect land rent from the tenants in and around Delhi and so he had to go on long journeys to declare his power and also keep the revenues flowing. So one day he called his Vizier and told him that he wanted to have a trustworthy person for keeping his harem.

This Vizier was upset that the Nawb had not asked him to keep the harem straight! The nawab realizing the hurt of the vizier said, “I NEED A MAN WHO IS CASTRATED AND CAPABLE!” The vizier told the nawab, am I not capable? The nawab said, “Of course you are. But I cannot be open to speculation by the hoi polloi that the kids born to the begums in my harem were not mine, by having a virile man like you around.”

The Vizier straight went to the barber, as the custom was then, summoned him to his haveli and told him to bring all the equipments meant for circumcision. The barber reached the haveli of the vizier at dawn with all the instruments. The vizier took the barber to a room and told, “IF I DON’T GET CASTRATED TODAY, I SHALL BE DAMNED!”

The Vizier offered the barber a 100 gold coins for performing the debilitating surgery. The DEED WAS DONE and the vizier was missing from his official duties for a week and had informed that he had fallen sick- which the Nawab believed.

After a week, the Vizier beaming with pride and loyalty overflowing in his looks reported before the Nawab and said, ” Sir, I am not only capable but also CASTRATED!” The nawab was stunned and asked the Vizier why he had taken such a hasty decision?


The Nawab was stunned at the loyalty and the irreversible condition caused by the Vizier. The nawab asked him, “What will you do with your begums and their children?”

The Vizier replied: I have had my times and it is time for me to SERVE you well.

It is this Haveli near Qutub, which was manned by this Vizier, which is presently THE address for haute couture and gourmet food!

The VIZIER became a BELLWETHER. Whatever he said had greater weight than before. This sacrifice of manhood had to be rewarded and it was and a BELL WAS HUNG AROUND HIS NECK.

This is the plight of every man who scorns his manhood for RECOGNITION by men!




BELIEF based on today’s info!

I thought only the uneducated, the illiterate and the indigent entertain beliefs which are not necessary to believe. Especially when tragedy knocks at the door of an individual, the individual’s tendency to believe in ridiculous reasons being the “CAUSE” exponentially increases!

In the state of Karnataka in our UNION of States as was published in INDIA TODAY, there is a practice called madey-snana, which is ‘stupid’ to the discerning!

In the it powerhouse of Karnataka, in a district with 88.62 per cent literacy according to Census 2011, a group of Dalits rolls over leftover food eaten by Brahmins every year in the belief that all troubles and ailments will be cured. This year, on November 29, an estimated 25,000 people rolled over the “spit” of Brahmins as the district administration watched helplessly after attempting to ban the event.

But upon closer scrutiny, i wonder if the “belief‘ is as stupid as the belief based on some medical research which relates throat cancer to cunnilingus!

In the newspaper interview Douglas, who stars in the just-released biopic of flamboyant entertainer Liberace, Behind The Candelabra, said his cancer was caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

According to the audio clip, The Guardian journalist asked him: Do you feel, in hindsight, that you overloaded your system? Overloaded your system with drugs, smoking, drink?

“Without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV, which actually comes about from cunnilingus,” Douglas replied.


Subsequently, Michael Douglas has stated that he had not said so, but THE GUARDIAN has posted an audio clipping, stated to have been a part of the interview! So now, we as readers can believe either Douglas or The Guardian (how are we to assume that Douglas’ voice was not imitated?)

In any case, the source that Douglas claimed was BRITAIN’S National Health Service! Is the research in such a nascent stage that the NHS has been silent on this issue? When any smoker is afflicted with throat cancer, the first thing an Allopath would write, as of now,  on the prescription would be ‘SMOKER’ in capital letters! Then the data is sold to the Cancer Research Institutes, with the case-history of that smoker being included as a throat cancer patient caused by SMOKING!!

Now if all the allopaths have any common sense, they should write to NHS and find out if HPV through cunnilingus causes cancer of the throat.  NHS should give wide publicity to all males and females, who are in such a habit, to refrain from cunnilingus, so that the future generations do not expose themselves to such problems! I hope LANCET would come out with a paper on this!

Leave the throat cancer aside, another celebrity Brad Pitt’s wife Angelina Jolie went through a double mastectomy on the grounds that medical research has proved that those who have a  BRCA gene mutation, are LIKELY to be of high risk group in breast cancer! So her BELIEF in the findings of research has led her to take a prophy”lactic” measure!

So, are these persons who glorify research through these “HOPELESS” actions any better than those who practice madey snana?

I think not. The only difference is that one is FAITH BASED BELIEF and the other is SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH BASED BELIEF. Both are BELIEFS, but the difference is that those who believed in science based beliefs, have portrayed that the scientific conclusions arrived at by these research institutes are INELUCTABLE, therefore TAKE EXTREME ACTION!

If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off. It is better to enter the kingdom of God maim than to be thrust into hell with both hands!

We as a generation have LOST A SENSE OF BALANCE. We could still have hope that in future they might find medical ways to overcome the present day’s insurmountable barriers. Why do we not entertain HOPE- because, it COULD be a false HOPE and a bad future may arrive without any remedy? So let us get extreme……..

We not only DO NOT HAVE a sense of BALANCE, we have also stunted our capacity for ENDURANCE. Should we be so pusillanimous as to succumb to such fears of an uncertain future? NO, not at all. At least not based on the so called FUNDED MEDICAL RESEARCH.


I love to hear the story that ARNAB GOSWAMI of TIMES NOW is INCORRUPTIBLE. And  I have indeed heard it from many who claim to have known him. But of late I wonder if he is that same ARNAB who they are talking about. He has become more as a male version of BARKHA DUTT. I am not sure if either of them would take it as a compliment!

Both are disruptively interruptive ( pardon my coinage out of necessity),  egregiously autocratic, they sprint to suspecting connections among persons holding contrary opinion, well informed, adamantly opinionated and hang a badge of honesty to their own opinions. All the above self promoting traits are seldom displayed, except subtly by others.  But these siblings of platform grabbers are unparalleled in self promotions.

Both believe wrongly that TIME is running out- yes it is, but it is for them that the time is running out and not for TIME itself. In their eagerness to fast-forward future, they believe that those who are to arise in the media are in a pupa stage and these two siblings are the early ones to evolve into a butterfly and believe that the other pupae are DEAD! I like to remind them that the FUTURE would be better equipped than this generation to handle not only their challenges but also those challenges which the future generations would be creating out of their own wrongs!

Arnab is cut up with SRINIVASAN of BBCI/IPL/CSK/ IC just because he managed to circumvent a coup by a group belonging to another region and in effect got the motion passed by the “working committee” of the board according to his convenience.

What is interesting is that there are 2 prominent members who could not have been restrained into silence except by the QUEEN BEE! They have not shown up till now (wanna take a guess on these two?) One is a commissioner and the other is sitting on the dead man’s chest (LOL)!

Is it that the queen bee has silenced the back-room manoeuvrings of the DRONE FROM THE WEST- WHO PERCHES on SUGAR a  lot?

Sons-in-law are NOT SONS, they are MORE than Sons. They have to be protected at all costs- so before the pointer gets to the queen bee, the drone was silenced. Honey it is all about money- it can be indexed somehow- that is why marriages end up in alimony- but who decided to leave out the ‘e’?
That MUMBAI INDIANS won the IPL edition 6, in 2013 defeating CSK,  is a reward that should be given more to the MUMBAI police, for the timing of their churning the media frenzy! Surprisingly, after the MUMBAI INDIANS won, the MUMBAI police had fallen silent so that the drums of ill-gotten victory of the MUMBAI Indians could be well heard above the cacophony they had instigated through the likes of Arnab who clutch at straws and go on endlessly with a panel of like minded and loud-mouthed panelists! Thankfully the DRONE has fallen silent, at least he seems to have realized that he is merely a regional satrap functioning with his media buglers with no army to march on!

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