Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

One day in the cool of the evening a crow settled down on a branch, not far away from an eagle which was perched in the cleft of the same tree. The supercilious Eagle was viewing the crow with the contempt the Eagle thought the crow deserved. It was not the feathers of the crow which made the eagle look down upon the crow as much as the fact that the crow lived to scavenge and eat.

The crow was getting uneasy at the supercilious silence maintained by the eagle. The crow was imagining all the nasty thought which might be crowding the eagle’s mind, and unable to bear the silence of the eagle, the crow said,“How do you manage to fly so high for so long without flapping your wings?”

The eagle was more amused than annoyed at the querulous crow. Instead of answering the question, the eagle asked, “Do you understand thermals?” The crow had no idea what “THERMAL” was. The eagle said, “WHERE THERE ARE THERMALS, WE FLOAT AND WE DO NOT HAVE TO FLAP OUR WINGS TO KEEP OURSELVES AFLOAT. WE JUST CHANGE DIRECTIONS BY TILTING OUR TAIL FEATHERS.”

I don’t believe you said the crow and added, “How is it possible to stay afloat so high in the sky when we are struggling so hard to keep ourselves from dipping even in such low height!”

The eagle said, “See, my dear friend, I also have to flap my wings harder than you, to climb but once I climb, I have to identify those warm air drafts which provide the buoyancy. It is not easy to locate thermals and after locating thermals it is not easy to stay there as the thermal pillar itself keeps shifting and I have to keep up with the thermal. As you possibly presume, it is not for enjoyment that we eagles float in the thermals, we locate our prey from that height and swoop down on the prey and catch the snakes, rabbits and rats unawares. WE KILL TO EAT, whereas your clan LOOKS FOR DEAD AND ROTTING MEAT TO EAT. Since my forefathers decided to eat fresh kill, we have through the process of evolution have an eyesight to locate our prey from enormous distances, have talons ad ability to locate thermals and use them judiciously for our lives.”

The crow was crestfallen and listened to the eagle with envy on one side and the injustice caused to its breed by the Almighty. As it was ruminating the words of the eagle, a murder of crows had located a carcass nearby and they all started to caw in unison making a “carrion” call to the other crows. Without even taking leave of the eagle the crow went flapping its wings to share the carrion with the other crows.


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