Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

In times past, not very far away in time, in the Kollegal forests of Karnataka- Tamil Nadu border lived a dreaded poacher by name VEERAPPAN. To be dreaded, a person has to have fierce followers who submit to the demands of the leader, the leader should command respect and morally high to distinguish his motives as noble and untainted by greed or concupiscence! VEERAPPAN had all these qualities and men who carried out his orders. So VEERAPPAN is a powerful symbol for all the above mentioned qualities but the profession he practised for a LIVING was POACHING!

In olden times, if one entered into the game preserve of another and shot the game animals that would be called poaching, but with the evolution of the society, even killing animals, which are protected by law would tantamount to POACHING.

This is where the similarity ends and i use this VEERAPPAN name for the many internecine battles which every individual fights in his day-to-day life!

So, in my story four friends went to the forest for POACHING, and each was armed with a magnum which had the capability of bringing down a tusker. No sooner had they entered the thick of the forest than they encountered an elephant. However they were not sure if the elephant was a bull or a cow and consequently, the VEERAPPAN of the gang, who knew the elephant language crouched behind the elephant and noticed that the elephant was a bull-elephant. After having ensured that his other 3 friends had receded to a secure spot and also away from the place till summoned, VEERAPPAN put the magnum to the head of the tusker and told the tusker in the elephant language- YOUR TUSK OR YOUR LIFE!

The tusker had earlier lost his cow to a magnum shot and immediately, removed both his tusks and handed over to VEERAPPAN. Veerappan immediately took those tusks and hid them in the bushes for a leisure recovery when his friends would not be around. 

Veerappan returned to his mates and said see I will call the elephant to turn around and u can satisfy yourself that he doesnt have tusk, as i have already see that the elephant doesn’t have tusks. So Veerappan proposed that they NOT KILL AN ELEPHANT for nothing. The elephant was observed with no tusk and the elephant was allowed to go.

Later the next evening, VEERAPPAN went back to where he had hidden the tusks and happily jaunted back to the black-marketeers to sell the SURRENDERED TUSKS! 

So much for team effort in the corporate world! Long live the Veerappans who do everything to undermine the camaraderie and the power that comes because of team-work!

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