Diesel Vs. Petrol – the subsidy story!

To have an overview of the cost and process of refining of crude oil, the following links may be of some use. So before proceeding further, it would be better for lay persons to acquaint themselves with the process of REFINING and the COSTS involved to have a vague idea of the cost of petrol and diesel at the pump.




Everything would look simple, if the refining is done by a REFINING COMPANY, fixes its cost of the crude adds the refining cost and includes its margin on each product and sells the various products to the DISTRIBUTORS at a particular price and the distributor in turn sells it to a MARKETING COMPANIES and each in the process, adds its own margins and sells the various products such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, bitumen etc. etc. in retail to the consumers.

But that is not the case in India. The process is so CONVOLUTED that there is something called the ADMINISTERED PRICES and SUBSIDIES which intervene and make the whole process TRANSLUCENT- it is neither transparent nor opaque. The whole process is like a Gordian knot, all rolled up into a knot so that while  each ministry  works on one knot, unwittingly  creates another knot somewhere else in another Ministry.

The various knots include the DIESEL required for transport, Diesel used for passenger cars, Kerosene supplied through the public distribution system at subsidised rates and the other products. The most favoured whipping child is the use of DIESEL FOR PASSENGER CARS! In a democracy, people’s opinion is THE ONLY THING. Especially, a mass opinion which might have an impact at the hustings.

The question which is put in favour of not allowing the passenger cars using Diesel is that, when a person  uses petrol, he  spends Rs 7.50 per kilometre (Rs 75 per liter divided by 10 kms). So why should a diesel car owner be allowed in a SOCIALISTIC STATE to run his car  by spending only Rs 2.5 per kilometer( Rs 45 per liter divided by 18kms)?

The answer is that a diesel car costs more and he had coughed up a higher capital cost on acquisition of his car. The difference between a petrol and a diesel car is atleast 1.5 lakhs on road. So a diesel car owner had paid higher Road Tax and other Taxes and seeing the cost benefits of running the car, the Government and the car companies have already skimmed out their share, which on interest terms is already Rs 27, 000/- per year calculated at the cost of 18% PA on Rs. 1, 50, 000/-.

Further the passenger car segment usage of diesel is only 8% of the total consumption of diesel in India. So why target the passenger car segment? Because the RECURRING BENEFITS of diesel car usage IRRITATES the EYES of the petrol car owner. They turn SOCIALISTIC and say that the diesel passenger car owners are enjoying the SUBSIDIES provided by the government to the TRUCKS for keeping the transport cost low!

Can anyone work out the  cost benefit to the banks which have lent MORE money for purchase of Diesel cars?

Will anyone talk of the higher revenues earned by the  Government by charging Ad valorem Road Tax on diesel passenger cars for 15 years in advance?



Let us get RATIONAL.

Further let us give Indians a chance to see the whole of India with their families at a cost of Rs. 2.5/- per kilometre. And not get into an 8% segment which is insignificant compared to the notional losses incurred by the Government on a recurrent basis.

Marital asset!


The above link provides the cause of a woman who has gone to court stating that the donor of one’s own sperms has to take the consent of one’s wife, as she claims that her husband’s sperm is a MARITAL ASSET!

Whenever we talk of assets we have to see who has the TITLE to it; who is in POSSESSION of the ‘asset’; who is ENJOYING it and finally whether the owner/possessor/enjoyer of the ASSET has the power to ALIENATE and if so to what extent.

Let us take the issue of the TITLE to the SPERMS: a man’s body produces it and is stored in his own body and he therefore is the producer, storer and dispenser of the ‘asset’. But does this change when a woman gets married to a man- Does she acquire the TITLE to it? No, not at all. The woman could have entered into a marital contract /sacrament which entitles her to socially present the man as her husband and where polygyny is allowed, the woman becomes a co-wife of the man and neither individually nor collectively does the WIFE ACQUIRE A RIGHT to the TITLE to the husband’s body or the ‘produce’ therefrom! She just has the LICENSE to co-habit and demand MAINTENANCE to her and the children fathered by him through her.

The wife at no time becomes a POSSESSOR of the man because of her marriage to him. There was a time when the wife was thought of to be a chattel to her husband, and this has changed. Further, as per most of the EVIDENCE ACTS of various countries in a LIBERAL MODE, there is a presumption that the child born during the subsistence of a marriage the husband is presumed to be the father of the child born during the marriage (except when the man is able to prove that he did not/could not have stayed with her in the last 10 months!). This is almost a CONCLUSIVE PROOF! Why this section is in the statutes? Because, even if the woman had played the whore, if the man was designated as her husband, for the sake of the welfare of the child, the husband should be made the FATHER! When such presumptions are available for women, in the name of ‘child’s future’, the wife cannot claim custodianship for her husband’s sperms.

At best a wife could be called the ENJOYER as a licensee to the benefit of the sperms of the husband as she has a right to have physical intimacy with her husband, but that does not alter her status to a TITLE HOLDER or a POSSESSOR of the ‘asset’.

Further, gone are the days when a human being or his/her body parts/secretions could be called as ANY OTHER PERSON’S ASSET. The INTEGRITY of a human body has been assigned to each individual and no one can later that under any sane law.

The reason forwarded by this woman is that if the man were to donate sperms, the biological children may turn up in a future date and disturb the FAMILY PEACE1 How specious! Don’t we know how our own N D TIWARI had fathered a son outside his wedlock and the son got a court decree stating that N.D Tiwari was his “father”? Family peace could be destroyed even by other means and there are no guarantees applicable on this count.

This whole issue of wanting the court to declare SPERM as a MARITAL ASSET is one of those slimy agendas of the women’s lib to shackle men and curb MAN’s LIBERTIES.

This blogger is well aware of WOMEN who go on the sly and DONATE EGGS and make extra bucks on the sides. Even though the procedure for egg donation might be elaborate, there have been reported instances where the woman has gone and donated her own eggs for consideration or for other reasons! Plz read this item below on egg donation- they make it look so regulated, but clinics have field day on this .


From gender equality, women seem to have launched on one-up-womanship! At least let humans give the liberty to individuals to dispose of their body ‘produce’ as each wishes, without gender classification.


EXPENDABLE is an adjective, but when used as a plural it is definitely a noun. There are many meanings to the word expendable, but the meaning which is closest to the one i choose to write on is the fourth meaning given in the Online Dictionary, as follows:-
1. Subject to use or consumption: an expendable source.
2. Not worth salvaging or reusing: expendable rocket boosters.
3. Not strictly necessary; dispensable: an expendable budget item; expendable personnel.
4. Open to sacrifice in the interests of gaining an objective, especially a military one: expendable civilian targets.
Even though the fourth meaning is mentioned as relating to MILITARY, in our day to day lives we find many expendables.
In an ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, the EXPENDABLES are easily identifiable at the bottom of the hierarchy. But like in any hierarchy, there is an unwritten code of conduct which is PROP THE TOP AND BALANCE YOURSELF WITH THE BOTTOM!
Once in a chat with a Colonel of the army, he said, ” During war times, it is not possible to clear the mines even if one knows that the place is heavily  mined, so what is told is that the army is to march ahead unmindful of the mines and the damage caused to the personnel is ignored as the way created for the marching columns is of a greater advantage for the objective of the army.” The expendables, naturally were the low ranking personnel in the army.
Before one sympathizes with the sepoys let me narrate another apocryphal story. Once a family consisting of 4, two children and a couple were taken on a boating ride in a coracle at Hogenekkal, a waterfalls area in Tamil Nadu/ Karnataka border. As the coracle had reached the middle of the water pool, the girl put her hand out and was splashing the water and enjoying the splash and all of a sudden a crocodile caught her hand and vehemently started tugging and twirling at her hand. The father caught hold of the child and the coracle went on a spin, so the boatman told the father LEAVE THE CHILD AT LEAST WE ALL CAN BE SAVED! There the boatman thought the girl was EXPENDABLE, instead of using the oar to strike at the croc. The father grabbed the oar from the boatman and punched the eye of the croc and the croc let go of the child. The father did not think the the CHILD WAS EXPENDABLE. KUDOS to that brave father!
When i was a boy, i was introduced to a story where a brave Roman warrior called HORATIO, who along with his two other friends agreed to meet the enemy’s advancing army at one end of the bridge over the Tiber, while the Romans would fell the bridge to ensure that the enemies do not have access to the city of Rome. Horatio ENGAGED THE ENEMIES at one end of the bridge, while the Romans felled the bridge at the other end and ensured that the enemy was thwarted. The story ended with nothing being told about whether Horatio and his mates successfully swam across the Tiber in spate or not. My boyhood curiosity and anxiety remains till date. I know that Horatio must be long dead, but i was curious to know if the Romans had made some provision to salvage the tired heroes- but neither the story told the scheme put in place nor was there anything to indicate that Horatio and his mates survived. HORATIO and his mates were EXPENDABLES!
Like the above examples, in any political organization there are EXPENDABLES. How do we identify them? Simple, they come OUT ONLY when there is a CRISIS. Secondly, THEY ENGAGE the opponents. Thirdly, they SAY THINGS WHICH COULD SPOIL THEIR OWN CREDIBILITY BUT PROTECT THE INTERESTS OF THEIR MASTERS.
So, when i watch the NEWS CHANNELS, especially about political issues, I use these three criteria to ascertain if the debaters are EXPENDABLES. The best part in Indian Politics is that, the NON-EXPENDABLES DO NOT COME IN THE FRONT DURING CRISES. THEY APPEAR ONLY DURING PEACE TIMES, CREDIT TAKING AND CEREMONIAL OCCASIONS. The NON-EXPENDABLES STAY COCOONED FOR THE STORM TO PASS! Good luck to the NON-EXPENDABLES- FORTUNE’S FAVOURED CHILDREN!

Bilateral Treaty Vs. Vienna Convention!

Julian Assange’s issue has got the British Government between honouring the Bilateral Treaty between United Kingdom and Sweden, on the one side; or the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, on the other, or so the UK would want to polish the Assange issue and present it to the  world!

Julian Assange had entered the Ecuadorian Consulate in London and had successfully sought Asylum for himself from Ecuadorian President against the wishes of the UK Authorites. The UK wants to extradite Assange to Sweden, where he is to be tried for charges of Rape, the UK seems to have taken their role pretty seriously, as they do not want a rape accused to escape the jurisdiction of the courts which have taken cognizance of the same! The greater zeal shown by the Swedish prosecution is in wanting Assange to be subjected to their jurisdiction ! The lawyer of Julian Assange is supposed to have told the court that when Swedish authorities could send a team of officials/officers to Serbia to examine a MURDER ACCUSED, why should not the investigation team from Sweden be despatched to London to gather evidence from Julian Assange. Interesting in the sense that Murder- though a serious crime- is not as heinous as Rape, but in the eyes of the law (as i know it) almost all countries prescribe a higher punishment for Murder than Rape (probably because it is easier to reconstruct a hymen than to create a Human- sorry pals for this!) and therefore the gravity attached to the offence of Murder is graver than Rape and logically, if Sweden could send a team to Serbia to interrogate a Murder accused, they surely can send one to London to interrogate a Rape Accused.

The important point is that the British Embassy in Quito, issues a statement saying that as per some 80’s law, the UK could withdraw the Diplomatic status of Ecuador! This seems like a  VENTRILOQUIST THREAT! A ventriloquist when he wants to say something offensive or threatening may make the doll in his hand open its mouth, but it is the ventriloquist himself who without opening his mouth would be able to produce the desired sounds! The UK by allowing their Embassy in Quito saying this, has not, technically speaking, issued any diplomatic threats to Ecuador. As usual, UK’s double speak is at its height!

The Taliban when it captured Kabul UN Office and pulled out Najibullah and hanged and hung him in a traffic signal post, there was no such pre-action threat sounded by Taliban and its cohorts! But, given to sophistication and mollycoddling the conscience of the unthinking literate, the UK Government wants to shed croc tears before launching on activities in blatant disregard of the Human Rights. At least, when Col Noriega escaped into a similar situation into the Vatican nuncio’s office, the US government waited for his surrender. But there is no such hope for the UK, as Julian Assange is of sterner stuff.

Coming to the Vienna convention, this is not one convention but a series of Conventions which on various issues have been brought into effect on different dates. But before VIENNA CONVENTIONS were done and ratified, there was this UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948. One has to go through the following Articles, which are very similar to the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS enshrined originally in our Constitution of India.

Article 11.

  • (1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

Article 14.

  • (1) Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.
  • (2) This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Article 19.

  • Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Just as our Parliamentary Legislators whittled down the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS and pitted these Fundamental Rights against the DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY, the United Kingdom is pitting its TREATIES with Sweden against Julian Assange to whittle down the Articles enshrined in the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS!

I hope these imperialist interpretations are defeated by the ebullient ASSANGE!

Independence Day

Thankfulness is an integral part of Worship of any Christian. This thankfulness is not for anything in particular received by any Christian, but a GENERAL GRATITUDE firstly for being ALIVE, secondly for being CONSCIOUS enough to recognize our own existence and thirdly for the GOOD THINGS that God had given us. A sense of GRATITUDE, because despite the vicissitudes much of the good status quo had been maintained, not because of one’s efforts or efficiency, but because of God’s GRACE.

Likewise, INDEPENDENCE DAY in India being celebrated all over the country is a day to CHERISH that we, the people of India, exist an an INDEPENDENT NATION. We also recall those days when we were under the rule of foreigners, who could not have had our weal their overwhelming priority, and were liberated through the efforts of our forefathers and foremothers(!) and stabilized a nation which would make the governing process its own, without any interference or directions from outside forces. To put it succinctly, WE FORMULATED OUR OWN CENTRE, the centre was not outside of India and the people who determined our LAWS were all to be INDIANS. This is the IDEA which makes me joyful and thankful.

And we did not achieve it overnight through the efforts of a few leaders, but because the GENERAL RESENTMENT of being ruled by ALIENS, was politically organized by our well known freedom fighters and presented a fait-accompli to the British that to rule India with a Home Secretary for India sitting in London, would not only be viable anymore, but if still persisted with, the consequences could be unproductive for the British!

It is that snowballing of the resentment to a  political organization which led, i believe, to the great Gandhian force. Further, the destructive power of the masses were tactfully controlled through the NON-VIOLENCE advocated by the Mahatma. It is the MEANS which were used in obtaining the Independence, which is even more laudable than anything else. It showed to the world that that as a NATION we could abjure violence against even atrocities of a well entrenched political system.

One of the most important aspects of our Independence Day celebrations which is a cause of concern is that the freedom fighters who came from certain areas have not been highlighted at the national level. If we peruse those history text books prescribed in schools, we could see that the POLITICAL LEADERS have been given enormous space, ignoring the PATH BREAKING ATTEMPTS MADE BY SOME OF THE INDIAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS. The one name about whom the Northern India is still ignorant of is Vallinayagam Olaganthan Chidambaram Pillai, (1872-1936) (Tamil: வ. உ. சிதம்பரம் பிள்ளை) popularly known by his initials, V.O.C. (spelt Vaa. Oo.Ce in Tamil), also known as Kappalottiya Tamilan (கப்பலோட்டிய தமிழன்) “The Tamil Helmsman”, was a Tamil political leader.

VOC might be listed as a political leader, but his reach and scale was not in organizing people into a particular political thought. Even though VOC might have been successful in the limited scope of his Madras Presidency and the state, it was the formation of Swadeshi Steam Navigation Companywhich was an activity, which transformed the thinking of the moneyed class of people in India. There were the TATAs and the BIRLAs, who were providing employment to thousands of Indians and thriving in their businesses, but to PUBLICLY STATE THAT THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT WAS MONOPOLIZING SEA TRANSPORT AND FETCHING BACK FINISHED GOODS AND SELLING THEM AT EXORBITANT RATES TO THE DETRIMENT OF THE FARMERS CULTIVATING COTTON,  make it  COMMON KNOWLEDGE is DIFFERENT!

VOC did not stop with that, he organized a STEAMER COMPANY and competed with the British. VOC was incarcerated on grounds which smacked of nothing but vendetta,and till his Steamer Company was liquidated, the British did not release him from jail. His matter went upto the Privy Coulcil, which gave the British executives enough time to finalize the liquidation process based on the laws, severely skewed in favour of the alien rulers!

Freedom fighters like Vanchinatan, Baghat Singh etc used force against the crushing might of the British, despite knowing their own weaknesses and even though they lost their lives, they did resurrect the COURAGE of the contemporary Indians against the consequences of revolt and violence. But it is the act of VOC, which took the first  economic foray into the very ramparts of the British. The RESOURCES which British so easily gained out of the raw material, labour and land of India was brought to challenge. And, i take this day to pay homage to a man who saw the RESOURCE GARNERING of the BRITISH and DID SOMETHING TO RATTLE THE BRITISH!

I see the Independence day as an opportunity to discover what our forebears did to destabilize the ALIEN  British and make the notion of FREEDOM a step closer than where it was before they did something!


FGAG – Paul Thangaiah!

In INDRA NAGAR, Bangalore there is a very popular church among Christians by name Full Gospel Assemblies of God, the chief pastor being one Paul Thangiah. He speaks forcefully and i like listening to him! I do not go to his church as fundamentally the beliefs subscribed to by FGAG is contrary to my belief system. However, as a Christian who is open minded and listen to the various interpretations of the Bible, i am not averse to listening to his sermons. Pastor Paul Thangiah is a forceful speaker and appears to believe in the brand of Christianity which places a lot of emphasis on personal  epiphany of Christianity.


Well when Paul of Tarsus, was on his way to Damascus armed with letters for persecution from the Synagogue of Jerusalem, he was struck with blindness and subsequently converted to Christianity and also cured of his blindness through the prayers of one Annanias of Damascus. This personal intervention of Jesus was cited by Paul to be the reason for his choice by Christ himself, for him to become the Apostle of the Gentiles. Good luck to his beliefs! The brand of Christianity which Paul spread through his ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES is still seen as the model to be emulated by some Christians. Paul Thangiah belongs to that class of Christians who believe in the CHURCH ORGANIZATION more than eternal personal vigilance to be a Christian of DEEDS. This i believe, should also exist, as without an ORGANIZATION there is no way Christianity would be ably represented in POLITICAL FORA. But  this Sunday, i heard Pastor Paul Thangiah speak of some junior pastors who are supposed to be working against the Church leadership of his FGAG. Those are internal issues a i have nothing against it, nor should i have and therefore i have no issues against it.

However, he compared those rebellious minded pastors to that of Joab , the Commander-in-Chief of the army of David, the king of Israel. Joab killed Abner, the Commander-in-Chief of Saul. Abner had met David privately, and had assured David of bringing the tribes of Benjamin and others under the authority of David. It is not clear from the Bible, if that was to be brought about through a rapprochement between Ishbosheth and David, or through betrayal of Ishbosheth by Abner. In any case, before such an arrangement could take effect, Joab kills Abner citing avenging the earlier killing of Joab’s brother by Abner. Later, Joab supports Adonijah in his succession efforts, but gets upstaged by the cleverness of Bathsheba and Solomon, is made King of Israel. As per Solomon, his father David at the time of his death had told Solomon that Shimei and Joab should not be allowed to have a natural death, as the former had insulted David while David was fleeing the takeover bid of Absalom and the latter, as Joab had shed blood during peace time by killing Abner.

If there was one person who was loyal to David, it was Joab, as he was firstly a blood relative to David, their mothers were sisters! In Bathsheba’s matter, it was he who carried out the orders of  David in executing Uriah, so that David could legitimize his relationship with Bathsheba. Moreover, there is at least one instance wherein Joab sent for David just before taking over a city in a battle, so that David could have the GLORY and not him (Joab). Joab’s advice to David after the death of Absalom is laudable. So to malign Joab is merely falling into the HISTORY WRITTEN BY THE VICTOR. Since Solomon’s elder brother was supported by Joab and as Joab probably had the letter of David sent for setting up Uriah, Solomon’s mother’s first husband, Solomon MUST HAVE BEEN KEEN on eliminating Joab and therefore USED DAVID’S NAME TO JUSTIFY SOLOMON’S ACTS!

Pastor Paul Thangiah uses the symbol of Joab, to describe the pastors who had probably undermined his authority in FGAG. This seems to be without a proper parallel. Pastor Paul Thangiah’s outburst was interesting- at least it showed how offended he was by others’ deeds.



(Scott Fitzgerald translation of RUBAIYAT of Omar Khayyam)

The best part about studying English Literature in college is that the content of the lecture is not more important than the intensity and style with which the lecture is delivered. Essentially, a Lecturer’s emphasis on certain points could set the student’s mind rolling in that direction. At college, i have had the good fortune of listening to lectures delivered by professors who could recite all the Five Acts along with the different scenes, of most of the Tragedies of Shakespeare- at least they were clever enough to create such an illusion in our impressionable minds – they used to make the students read the passages of different characters assigned to them and during the course of such reading, without referring to the text of the play, such professors could correct a reader, of a word skipped or slurred, with ease. So the impression of the students was that the professors knew the lines by heart!

It was not such Professors and Lecturers who excited our interest in Literature but it was those lecturers who had plunged into life and  tasted LIFE who were more inspiring and one of those was a professor by name Eugene D’ Vaz. Besides being a great professor he was an accomplished Portrait artist and many of his paintings should still be adorning the libraries and staff rooms of  St. Joseph’s college, Trichy. Being an Autonomous college, St. Joseph’s could prescribe its own syllabus, but being a Jesuit college, RUBAIYAT of Omar Khayyam was NOT prescribed, yet some of those Professors who had plunged into LIFE and were not stuck with the mere text of Shakespeare, used to launch on the RUBAIYAT from time to time and make the classes very interesting.

One of the poems which still stays fresh in my mind is excerpted above. I could not for the life of me understand what  or how a place of worship could be compared with a TAVERN, worse still placed above a temple! But life teaches us many things and we learn a lot from others’ experience.

In the state of Tamil Nadu, where more than six crore ( sixty million) people reside, 20% of the state revenue comes from production, distribution and sale of liquor! To quantify it in terms of $, it would be $ 5 Billion! Whether the maximum sale of liquor takes place in TN or not, i am sure that TN is the state which must be raking in so much in terms of revenue for the state! These Government monopolized liquor shops have become the abode of the dejected, the bereaved, the wayward and the fun-seeking! The Rules are that these Liquor shops shall not open before 8 AM in the morning!

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu known as : Land of Temples. Nearly 33000 ancient temples – many at least 600 to 800 years old, scattered all over the land. Studded with complex architecture, variety of sculptures, & rich inscriptions – capture the very essence of the culture & heritage of Tamil land, historically more than 2000 years old.

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) is a company owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu, which has a monopoly over wholesale and retail vending of alcohol in Tamil Nadu, a state in India. It controls the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) trade in the state. As of 2010, the company has around 30,000 employees and operates about 6800 retail liquor outlets throughout the state.

One of the Directive Principles of State Policy, as enshrined in the Constitution of India appearing at Article 47   states:-

47. Duty of the State to raise the level of nutrition and the standard of living and to improve public health.- 
The State shall regard the raising of the level of nutrition and the standard of living of its people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties and, in particular, the State shall endeavour to bring about prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purposes of intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injurious to health.

Excerpted below is Rule 10 of the Rules relating to vending of liquor in Tamil Nadu:

RULES, 2003
(G.O.Ms.No.292, Prohibition and Excise (VI), dated the 3rd November 2003).

10. Location of Bar.—(1) The bar shall lie within the shop or adjoining the shop.
(2) The bar shall have minimum plinth area of ten square metres.
(3)Every bar shall be housed in pucka building and no part of the bar shall be thatched
either on the sides or on the roof. The bar room shall be sufficiently screened so that
consumption of liquor is not visible from outside and shall also be provided with fans.
Sufficient number of tables and chairs for the consumers to conveniently sit and
consume liquor shall be provided. Such room shall not be used as a club or recreation
room or for any other purpose whatsoever. No gambling or any kind of disorderly
conduct in the shop shall be permitted.

(5) Every shop shall have a signboard in Tamil in front of the shop showing the number
of the shop and details regarding authorization issued by the Corporation for the shop,
the price of liquor in different sizes of bottles sold in the shop shall also be displayed.
There shall also be displayed on the signboard the following slogans in bold letters
about the evils of drinking and such other slogans as may be approved by the
“Liquor-ruins country, family and life”

TRULY, SPIRIT IS QUICKENING! I love Tamil Nadu, as this is the only state which finances most of its extravagant doles, out of the SPIRITUAL (Y)EARNINGS of the TAVERNERS!

I am reminded of a joke once narrated by my Hariyanvi friend: Once an old lady was not able to control her urge to pee in a public place. So she chose a corner near a crowded bus station and relieved herself. While she was still relieving herself, a cop appeared from nowhere and struck his lathi on the road a couple of times  to rattle the old lady, unmindful of her age. However, as is the custom, the lady hurriedly got up and placed a 2 rupee coin on the palm of the cop and left. After 5 minutes the old lady found the cop sipping tea in a nearby shop, and she walked upto him and said, “MEIN NA MUTHTHI THO, TU KYA PEETHA HAI? (in English: If i do not pee, what will u drink?)

So, for financing all those populist schemes, the Government has to depend on such spiritual concoctions being peddled by its own shops. And what a sight to behold, when cycles and bikes are parked in a neat row next to a TASMAC shop. Last heard news item was that a regular drinker called up the lady District Collector of Trichy District complaining to her that the Liquor shop was NOT BEING OPENED ON TIME BY THE TASMAC EMPLOYEES! What all issues the District Magistrate has to handle- the calls were crank calls- whatever that means. The cops traced him, it seems!

Our DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY is used more for acquiring land from, WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, and hand it over to the industrialists who project an employment opportunity for 5000 people of that area and then after 30 years hive off that unit along with the land to a buyer who pays half as per guideline value and the other half in cash! God bless India. Our Directive Principles are also selectively used  by some states to include bulls and oxen to the category of COWS, when it comes to cow-slaughter.

Let us define our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS in the lines as given by the CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY and not based on Swaran Singh’s Report!


At page 12 of the SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA dt 05/08/2012 (Bangalore edition), there is an article titled SIX STEPS TO FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS by person by name Srivatsa Krishna wherein he states “We can’t let environmental precautionism be converted into environmental Talibanism!”

How true! Most of the faces which support environmental issues do not know the ground realities. Mr. Krishna says during the course of his article, “INDIA ADDS AN AUSTRALIA IN TERMS OF POPULATION EVERY YEAR; YET OUR ENVIRONMENTAL PRIORITIES IN TERMS OF ELEPHANT CORRIDORS AND TIGER CORRIDORS CONTINUE TO SUPERSEDE HUMAN WELL-BEING.”

The context in which these statements have been made are with reference to the power tripping of the Northern and North-Eastern grids last week. The shortage which had led to this crisis is mostly because of delay in sanctioning the various (12 statutory approvals and 4 non-statutory clearances) approvals which take upto 6 years! Naturally, even after the submission of the Reports the proposer company has to pursue approvals for 6 years and who can pursue these proposals for free? So the cost could be borne only by companies which do not have a borrowing cost on their money!

As a panacea for the ills which have beset most of the states on these grounds, Mr. Krishna proposes that power theft has to be dealt severely, like is being dealt by the Gujarat government. The cost of power for industrial and domestic use should be rationalized vis-a-vis the cost of production. Thirdly, the write-offs on the electricity bills should not be forced on the Distribution companies as transmission losses. Fourthly, newer projects should be expeditiously approved and units added to meet the rising demands. He further states that Gujarat has done these things and had overcome the crisis which beset Gujarat a decade back and that the other states need to just follow suit and things would return to normal.

More than the diagnosis and the panacea, Mr Krishna has prescribed, i liked the coinage of the phrase ENVIRONMENTAL TALIBANISATION! If Mr Krishna had used PROCRUSTEAN METHODS instead of TALIBANISATION I would not have been excited. Procrustes, the Mythological character from the Mediterranean, used to make his guests lie down on a cot and if the cot was too big, the guest’s body would be pulled to fill up the bed and if the guest was longer than the bed, the guest would be “cut to size”. In either case the guest’s plight was pitiable and subsequently fatal. Procrustes would do this to kill his guests and take their wealth and belongings. Procrustes was a TREACHEROUS HOST. But TALIBAN, not only wanted the followers of ISLAM  to follow what they BELIEVE as the Gospel of God, but to  believe what they believe of Islam. They want the citizens to BELIEVE!

Environmental issues have no tangible proofs and are highly speculative in nature. But so much of hype is created that EVEN  children are being infused with  BELIEFS instead of KNOWLEDGE. It is the infliction of a BELIEF SYSTEM which has led to ENVIRONMENTAL TALIBANISATION!

I agree entirely with the article of Mr. Krishna, who from the Executive Record Sheet of the officers of IAS, appears  to belong to the Karnataka Cadre, where Environmental issues are of great importance. I do not for a while suggest that ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES are to be ignored, when  raised  by the activists, rather let us rationally dispose of the issue based on whether the issues are imaginative chimaeras or real probabilities. Let not the GROWTH of this generation be stunted, based on the NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL PERCEPTIONS  spread by  the PARANOIA of  a SPECULATIVE FEW!