Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


She walked up to her mother and said, “I wanna put my body

To some earning!”

Mother was showing raised clavicles, but steadied

And said, “Why put your body to earn?

That makes you labour class!”

They do what they don’t enjoy.

But i would, so why not?

“OK, are you hirsute there?”

Yes, said the Daughter.

The mother said, “Men like the looks of innocence

Nothing else matters. But have you ever thought

How a clump of  grass looks with  splattered cheese on?

Even you would hate it.

Depilate before you copulate.

Go get yourself some men of taste

Their looks would train you to elegance!

And they pay nobody for what a woman only can offer.”


Comments on: "THE LABOURER" (1)

  1. movid said:

    A modern day Ruth to Naomi! Naomi’s analysis of the man’s mind is unparalleled!


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