Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The lion which spared the Rat (mouse in AESOP’S FABLES) and got subsequently helped by the same Rat met many moons after the Rat nibbled at the net which had ensnared the Lion. (a link for those who want to refresh their memory of the fable)

The Lion was happy to meet the rat. As is ascribed, the Lion was “generous” and profusely thanked the rat again. The rat was not used to generosity neither by its own nature nor by having been accustomed to others showing generosity to the rat. The RAT was overwhelmed, but at the same time deeply suspicious of the motives of the Lion.

The rat had actually helped the lion, as  the enmeshed lion was no threat to its body, secondly, despite its nature to be busy scrounging the labour of others, spared time to nibble at the net and enlarge the lion, as it was merely curious. Further, this rat was totally UNRECOGNIZED by the other rats in its community, so it wanted to do a deed which would elevate its status among the other rats. So this Rat took a chance, and it fructified. This rat had been telling its community rats from time to time that it had rescued a Lion, the king of the forest, from certain capture, if not death.Yet a RAT is a RAT.

When the Lion re-thanked the rat after many months of the event, the Rat was not merely overwhelmed, but wanted to ‘confess’ certain thoughts it had about itself. The rat told the Lion, “Sir, you are a Lion, a hunter when hungry but unlike the Tiger, at peace with all the animals when your stomach is full. But we Rats are a wretched lot, we forage through the nights and it we find a field, where human labour has been expended for many months and if we find any grain or corn we shamelessly clip and store in our underground larder. We are an INSECURE lot. We prepare for a hunger that might arise tomorrow! But you, believe in God’s mercy to provide. It is that FAITH in God which makes you the KING OF THE FOREST. And we as a community, respect your clan.”

The Lion had heard such paeans before from other beasts and animals. The Lion took it as a fully deserved  praise of his character. But deep down, the LION was wondering if ever to trust a “RAT” which lives off the LABOUR of others!

An occasional act of kindness of a RAT never ever changes the nature of a RAT. A RAT SHALL REMAIN A RAT FOREVER- ITS OWN INSECURITY AND ACQUISITIVE NATURE WILL KEEP IT THAT WAY!             

Comments on: "The Lion & the Rat!" (2)

  1. that is the rats basic instinct…………. and instincts do not die…………… a RAT will be a RAT, it can never become LION


  2. babu said:

    rats will be rats and it will be difficult change the genetic quality..One should appreciate the fact of its occassional kindness which has become the morale of the day


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