Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


She was not the optimal essence of feminine beauty, but there was an aura of FRESHNESS. The kind of  freshness one finds in those vegetables where there is a thin layer of furry coat untainted by human hands. The freshness a lady’s finger has- while still on its stalk on the plant. I could sense that freshness. Yet there was this silent reserve, not the reserve of a repressed woman’s fear but he reserve of the IMPERIOUS. Freshness and Imperiousness was a heady mix that the combo cost the man his heads. One wouldn’t work and the other wouldn’t stop. Such was his plight.

None did understand, as none could. But she was aware of the stirrings she was creating in him. It was that ability of the femininity to sense the towers which were transmitting, and the more powerful the transmission, the greater the receptivity of the dish.

She appeared to the connoisseur that she was ready to give, but not to YIELD. He had not inspired in her enough to give up, but she was ready to GIVE. But that had to gel with his courage to ask. But a man in ‘awed love’ is more tongueless than tongue-tied, so with courage lacking, he could find no way of declaring his LOVE for her. She never cared for a man who never dared, yet she did not give in to daring by worthless men either.

They both drifted apart. Yet somewhere she lived in his consciousness, as a perfect female, whom he would willingly serve as a serf all his years. He had attached her freshness coupled with her imperiousness, as if those were life long attributes of character. The man was oblivious to these being a part of the physical, prone to shedding without ever recouping.

Many decades later they met. He knew her name and she his. They were introduced at a gathering and the introducer had left leaving them together. She was curious to know the CAUSE of his devotion. She had successfully bridged the lost years with her curiosity, but the man was wondering as to what happened to all that freshness and imperiousness. Years had made her elegant, with the aid of cosmetics YET the freshness he was looking for could never be recovered from that face ever. He was searching for the ILLUSION which had disappeared and existed only in his memories. Her IMPERIOUSNESS had led to  simulated humility- the kind which shows concern to people of unfortunate circumstances and pretends to willingly partake in their imagined woes. 

She was the cause of his woes once, now she’s the cause of his cure TOO.


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