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I have this Aquarian friend, who like what Winston Churchill said on Gladstone was : “Like a cushion he always bore the impress of the last man who had sat on him.”

One evening bored to death, he and I decided to visit BRIGADE ROAD, Bangalore for a stroll and some  snacking. So i accompanied him in his Maruti Car and as he parked the car, we heard a slight brush of the lower end of the bumper on the kerb of the footpath. This Aquarian friend got out of the car and saw that the lower end of the bumper was resting on the kerb. So he asked me why the bumper and half of the bonnet of the nearby car was over the footpath whereas his car couldn’t go up front?

My curt answer was ,” HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE!” More so because the vehicle parked next to ours, was an SUV.

He kept muttering HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE.

Within minutes a group of girls were waking on the same side-walk seen wearing micro-shorts, with their ends rolled up.

My Aquarian friend turns to me and says, “BOSS! NOW I GET THE MEANING OF HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE!”

I couldn’t control my laughter, despite my false sense of propriety!

Comments on: "AFTER EFFECT!" (3)

  1. Fine subtle humour.By the way what happened later


    • movid said:

      I, as always, have been an observer, with no further ACTION to add! Sorry to disappoint you! lol


  2. i think this incident can be posted in life’s like that in Readers Digest……. lol


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